Radar Detector v 1.3 {upd 26.08.17}

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Update 26.08.17

-Mod “RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3 (1.28.) female voice” (when approaching the speed cameras female
the voice alerts on radar).
-Works on a standard map, maps Scandinavia,Going East,Vive La France,
on the map RusMap v1.7.4.
-Radar added to the accessories.

Test version 1.28.1

Installation order:

-Set the folder of the mod archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs;
-Set the folder of the mod archive RusMap_v1.7.4.scs, I agree with the replacement of files;
-Set the folder of the mod archive SRmap_[Def and Map].scs, I agree with the replacement files.
-If you want an alert female voice, instead of archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs installed
archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3 female voice.scs

Zeddd, Schumi

DOWNLOAD 75.9 MB female voice

15 Responses to Radar Detector v 1.3 {upd 26.08.17}

  1. Marecki says:

    So with ProMods is still incompatible?

  2. Benjamin says:

    you need to explain better because i dont understand, and descriptions have to be in English not in russian

  3. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. Rhino1969 says:

    It does not go on the RusMap v1.7.4.

  5. Rhino1969 says:

    This RADAR-DETECTOR is for RusMap-map_v1.7.1.scs not for 1.7.4 !

  6. dvojinov says:

    the famale is wrong download should be 1.3 but it is 1.2 ,old one and it doesn’t work

  7. Derpbombgaming says:

    so many people with broken English on here….

  8. Luki35 says:

    Czy tylko ten mod działa tylko będąc w Rosji i jak go uruchomić

  9. DAREX2521 says:

    Witam jest na MOD HOSTER

  10. DAREX2521 says:

    Witam jest na MOD HOSTER


  11. Daniel1258 says:

    Here is the updated mod radar detector link by Schumi for ETS 2 1.27 and works on version 1.28 of ETS 2.


  12. DAREX2521 says:


  13. DAREX2521 says:

    DZIĘKUJE Daniel 1258

  14. katie08cd says:

    how to edit ogg files? im extract but it’s superfast on audacity and xionplayer

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