Radar Detector v 1.3 {upd 26.08.17}

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Update 26.08.17

-Mod “RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3 (1.28.) female voice” (when approaching the speed cameras female
the voice alerts on radar).
-Works on a standard map, maps Scandinavia,Going East,Vive La France,
on the map RusMap v1.7.4.
-Radar added to the accessories.

Test version 1.28.1

Installation order:

-Set the folder of the mod archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs;
-Set the folder of the mod archive RusMap_v1.7.4.scs, I agree with the replacement of files;
-Set the folder of the mod archive SRmap_[Def and Map].scs, I agree with the replacement files.
-If you want an alert female voice, instead of archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs installed
archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3 female voice.scs

Zeddd, Schumi

DOWNLOAD 75.9 MB female voice

15 thoughts on “Radar Detector v 1.3 {upd 26.08.17}

  1. So with ProMods is still incompatible?

  2. you need to explain better because i dont understand, and descriptions have to be in English not in russian

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. Rhino1969

    It does not go on the RusMap v1.7.4.

  5. Rhino1969

    This RADAR-DETECTOR is for RusMap-map_v1.7.1.scs not for 1.7.4 !

  6. the famale is wrong download should be 1.3 but it is 1.2 ,old one and it doesn’t work

  7. Derpbombgaming

    so many people with broken English on here….

    1. Boxerbumper

      U ar a very naice people. (?

  8. Czy tylko ten mod działa tylko będąc w Rosji i jak go uruchomić

  9. DAREX2521

    Witam jest na MOD HOSTER

  10. DAREX2521

    Witam jest na MOD HOSTER


  11. Daniel1258

    Here is the updated mod radar detector link by Schumi for ETS 2 1.27 and works on version 1.28 of ETS 2.


  12. DAREX2521


  13. DAREX2521

    DZIĘKUJE Daniel 1258

  14. katie08cd

    how to edit ogg files? im extract but it’s superfast on audacity and xionplayer

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