Radio Stations for Promods 2.1 + RusMap 1.6.3


Hi everybody!

As a RusMap and Promods fan, I decided to create a mod of 62 radio stations from all the countries. Just can’t get Icelandic radio stations to work sadly.

P.S. It’s not because I mentioned RusMap + Promods that this won’t work with other map mods. We also can use this in the Vanilla Map.


Author: BrunoAlexLUX


14 Responses to Radio Stations for Promods 2.1 + RusMap 1.6.3

  1. sancha says:


  2. Ets2fan says:

    This mod ir great, but I suggest if You want to keep this radio stations don’t press UPDATE RADIO STATIONS otherwise it will be a totally mess a another junky radio station witch isn’t even working.

  3. PirriAND says:

    Please add those Radio Stations to Andorra:

  4. Mikail says:

    The next update, please also get radio stations in Turkey. Thx. đŸ˜€

    • BrunoAlexLUX says:

      I will not add Turkish radio stations because neither ProMods or RusMap have Turkey in it. Sorry.

  5. Yannick says:

    Some radio stations are not working. The game is skipping this radio stations. For example: All french radio stations (except the info stations).

    • BrunoAlexLUX says:

      I just checked myself and all radio stations work well. Some take time to load but they work.

  6. Gekurous says:

    How do i install this?

    • BrunoAlexLUX says:

      In your Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> mod and then just replace

  7. Chris94_NOR says:

    Sadly, not much for Norway, since many stations has already moved over to DAB. Scumbag DAB.

  8. H says:


  9. -1FromMe says:

    There is only 1 station for finnish and that isnt even real ( not working too) . -1 from me

  10. Konrad1520 says:


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