Railway cargo pack v1.3


Pack adds in game 50 railway cargos.
All standalone.
Works on default map+DLC, TSM Map 4.5.9, ProMods 1.52, Poland
Rebuilding, Simones Map 4
Tested on



13 thoughts on “Railway cargo pack v1.3

    1. Hello, I am afraid that many of the meshes of trains and wagons are stolen from our web with copyright, I can explain you because to performed reverse engineering in our models and who you authorized to do so.

      Take care.

      Admin de Spaintrainzrutas.

      1. Which models is yours? I’ll remove them.

  1. renaulthater

    I love your trailer mods. Thanx for sharing!

  2. jazzy cat are you going change all unloading and loading places in your add on.?

  3. Jazzycat big thanks and congratz for these mods.
    Tho i need to ask you why chassis shiver/tremble with an 40+ tones trailer? Is there something i`ve missed or what is wrong?

  4. without no doubt, best mod ever made for ETS2, i cant imagine playing the game without it anymore, i love you dude 😀


  5. I don t have railway cargo.can t see any on the jobs i am using TSM 4.5.9 with military cargo pack .any ideas?

    1. try sleeping a couple times

  6. Just wondering

    Does this cargo pack work with his other two?

  7. jadebullet

    As much as I love your mods, it is a bit disappointing to see that several of these locomotives are taken from Trainz Railroad Simulator.

    Some examples: Utah Belt boxcar, Russian locomotives, bulkhead flatcars, yellow and red chinese GE locomotive, Chessie Geep(which is actually a payware model), and several other railcars.

    A few of them are from a Trainz payware sight called jointedrail.net .

  8. jadebullet

    Actually, on second thought. No JR stuff, just RRmods stuff, and those guys are dicks anyway so carry on.

  9. Kingspian

    Hey Jazzy Love that chessie Locomotive! One of my favorites. Are you planning to do the same for the American Truck Sim?

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