Randon Line R9 Trailer

Randon-Line-R9-Trailer-1 Randon-Line-R9-Trailer-2

Author: Gabriel Lauer


7 Responses to Randon Line R9 Trailer

  1. c00kie85 says:

    does this have a double articulation point or just a long long trailer??

  2. Dakar says:

    mnohé krásné návěsy a přívěsy. Jenže bez funkční fyziky je to jen prkno

  3. carsten says:

    not driveable

  4. Proppie says:

    Hi guys you guys must try do the doubble trailers so that the back trailer can turn it wil be so much fun if someone can do that or get it right..

  5. road king says:

    yea macke the back trailer more turnable its so hard to tacke turns cuse evrytime i bang into something

  6. nick says:

    why design a B’double and make it one long trailer it needs to be articulated cant take some corners because it isnt

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