Range Rover Sport 2012

this a new model
i converted from game GTA san
HQ model
2 color interior
original wheels
Dealer_Range Rover


enjoy guys……



55 thoughts on “Range Rover Sport 2012

  1. ATS Trucker

    Could you convert the Christine Plymouth from GTAV? just thought id ask

    1. gkvfjx gaming


    2. gkvfjx gaming

      *GTA trilogy definitive edition car mod PC only*
      graphics bro

      1. ATS Trucker

        funny cause i have it on GTAV there are two versions www gta5-mods- com/vehicles/christine-58-plymouth and www gta5-mods- com/vehicles/1958-plymouth-pack-add-on-extras-lods also theres a 4door version, do your research before being so quick to be nasty

        1. Equality for all car manufacturers

          yeah like this moron ONUR “The era is now the era of artificial intelligence, the era of electric vehicles, new cars have come out, focus on them, please do not create old antique vehicles, Driving old cars does not give pleasure in driving” while you buy new cars at a price that devalues over time, old classic cars value goes up and up, why? because new cars are throw away cars and dont hold their value, everyone here is rude, think they know everything, and just want want want, trucker you aint getting nothing here, that saab person took 8 months to get a mod and its junk, all his mods are garbage, look at the complaints, these people are thick as bricks, just dont bother

          1. ATS Trucker

            not my concern

          2. Don’t tell us about your own stupidity, you gullible totosh.

          3. Equality for all car manufacturers

            lol Onur the racist

      2. Equality for all car manufacturers

        @gkvfjx gaming…. your vids are dumb, no effort what so ever, what are we even watching, the way you showcase a car is below average IQ, and yet you comment here like you know what your talking about, face palm


      I won’t make your mods anymore, you have such a useless and garbage personality.

      1. Equality for all car manufacturers

        who you talking to? cause ive never asked for mods, nor would i from you

        1. Equality for all car manufacturers

          people who use your mods have a low expectation for quality

          1. Dude you’re so rude and you talk too much, you think you’re smarter than everyone here?

          2. Equality for all car manufacturers

            hector and dusan sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G, Onur is watching with so much glee, want want want want give it to me….NOW

  2. plss brabus s900 broo


  4. Opel astra g please

    its a nice car

  5. Ahil Metodiev

    Bro please Audi A8 2018 or BMW M5 Competition or Audi rs7 2022 i trust you and i enjoy your cars!

    1. FİAT FİORİNO 🙏 rica ediyorum lütfen

  6. Frère, longue vie s’il vous plaît faites-nous une Mercedes C63 ou une BMW M5

  7. pčs make bmw e60 535d m tech

  8. Martin Sirakov

    Hei,please range rover sport 2008

  9. dimitrisk

    hi nice cars, but this land rover isn’t electric car! put exhaust sound on cars like audi a6! create a mini countryman 2022-2023 pls with sound no electric!

  10. Hakan boybeyi

    ücretli mod yapar mısın ?
    [email protected] iletişe geçersen sevinirim .

    1. yahiaabid


  11. Ahil Metodiev

    please make BMW M5 Competition

  12. pls create a mod of the long version of the Mercedes Sprinter 2021 and make the ETS2 version of this license plate there.pls reply YAHIA ABID

  13. Ahil Metodiev

    pls make Audi rs7 2022 or Bmw M5 Competition your mods are the best bro thank you!

  14. мод хороший.Но сделайте пож.номера авто,что бы были под каждый город свои.

  15. please seat leon cupra 2018

  16. Nice mod but sadly it crashes the game to desktop please fix it bro….

    1. Equality for all car manufacturers

      check your crash log and find out why or dont you know how to do that, this is the second mod you said does it, your the only one with this problem so far, its not his mods, its a conflict with one of your mods, for everyone else it seems fine cause as you can see they tell him how much they love him, i miss Onur

  17. Extreme person

    Why are you barking like a stubborn #####? Don’t you just shut that filthy mouth of yours and walk away, and no one asked for your opinion on anything. If you don’t like the edits, don’t upload them. We want them. Shut your mouth and get out of here, you b##########ch.

  18. yahiaabid

    guys choose the next car

    1. ATS Trucker

      would you care to do the 57 plymouth mod from the GTAV mods com by Greenaid? would like to see you do something a little different, might not be to everyone’s taste though, but its an iconic movie car by stephen king

      1. ATS Trucker

        or theres a 58 model plymouth, not sure of the quality but thats closer to the movie version, thats by JDeezNutz, only asking, but either would be cool, up to you though, i can only ask

        1. yahiaabid

          i see the interior not good sorry this car i will go to do bentley model

          1. ATS Trucker

            no worries, could only ask, any chance though of maybe doing something like an older american muscle car? i know this is mostly european, but there are some from across the pond who play too

          2. İsmail S'''''

            Renault Master 2008

    2. cla45 2017

    3. please CLA45 2017

    4. MenesesPablo

      Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2014/2018 or mazda 6 2006 pleaseeeee🙏🏻 or cam you do a tutorial in YouTube about how you convert the mods? It would be great


  20. а есть ли платные моды ?и где?

  21. Very cool mod ! Thanks Yahia Abid
    Porsche GT3 RS ?

  22. YAHIA ABID, Hello Could you please make a bus mod for Temsa Avenue Plus? I think this bus mode is available in other games. Could you please convert it from there to GTA 5?

    1. Equality for all car manufacturers

      lol Onur the racist

  23. yahia abid Temsa Avenue Plus this bus mod is in gta 5 can you please convert it to ets 2

    1. Equality for all car manufacturers

      lol Onur the racist

  24. plssssss bmw m5 cs 2023

  25. can you make mod of renult clio 4 2019 please

  26. Yahiaabid, can you make a paid mod for me? Contact me via this e-mail, let’s communicate, please [email protected]

    1. Equality for all car manufacturers

      lol Onur the racist thick as a brick

  27. Tobias Rieper GER

    It’s nice looking, but sounds like the engine is in tupperware.

    1. gkvfjx gaming


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