Range Rover Startech 2018 1-.42-1.43

Wheel Coverings Have Been Changed
Added Seat And Steering Wheel Texture Option
The Voice Has Been Changed
Added Seat Texture Option
Fixed a Glass Problem
Fixed a Mirror Error
Fixed a Handover Issue
Fixed a Gliding Issue
– HQ Model
– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
– 3 Different Plate
– 4 Different Wheel Chrome-Paint
– 4 Steering Wheel Texture
– 4 Seat Texture
– 4 Dial GPS Animation
– 2 Different Sound

Mert İrşi


16 thoughts on “Range Rover Startech 2018 1-.42-1.43

  1. Mod Modi Mod Moddus Moddingussos

    Good mod but where you got this Photo?

    1. Mert2509m

      our completely own shooting is in-game

      1. Mod Modi Mod Moddus Moddingusso

        my point is that in what city this car is in the picture

  2. Make a Non-widebody option

    1. Mert2509m

      for the next version it may be

    1. Mert2509m

      thank you

  3. Alex Beaubien

    please brother
    make a car charger With real sound of srt engine
    for 1.43

  4. Hanin Fayis Kamal

    how do i get ascess to this car , did download this and aslo pasted it in the mod file.

  5. land rover range rover spot better <3

  6. please make Buggy cars mod for ETS2!

  7. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 // RANGE ROVER (Istanbul to Edirne StroLL) [1.43]

  8. Great mod with superb quality,I really love how good this car handles even at high speed, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip over at every corner,the interior is pretty well made for a mod,but there are some issues I think should be fixed:
    -The mirrors are useless at night they become too dark.(biggest issue with this mod)
    -The car doesn’t make any sound for other people in multiplayer,only you can hear it.(not that big of a deal)
    If the author fixes those small issues,this mod will be one of the best mods I’ve ever seen for this game…

  9. Aleksander

    excellent car!
    Could you make a mercedes w202? Its my dream car and i would like to drive it in ets 🙂

  10. KarmaticLoaf

    I have some screenshots of this beautiful Range Rover Startech. Where can I send them?

    This Startech has been my Daily while I am not out driving my Lorry. I have had way to much fun with this vehicle as I road tripped around Europe. Discovering garages, and Ect.

    Is there any way you can add more interior options. I am a sucker, and always found it fun to hang a pair of Dice, or tennis ball for fun.

    I also want to donate a few $$!

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