Range Rover Startech 2018 1.42-1.43

– HQ Model
– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
– 3 Different Plate
– 3 Different Wheel Paint
– 4 Dial GPS Animation
– 2 Different Sound

Mert İrşi


17 thoughts on “Range Rover Startech 2018 1.42-1.43

  1. I think the car is really cool. If you could maybe bring out a Lamborghini Urus, I would be very happy.

  2. I have a problem with the car steering wheel, do you have a solution?

    1. Mert2509m

      what kind of problem, man

      1. We our steering wheel is not like normal
        its bugged

      2. bedirhan


  3. sen neler yapmışsın la ellerine sağlık direk indirdim 100 tane fotoğraf çektim

    1. Mert2509m


      1. ben modsfire dan indiremiyorum hata veriyor napabilirim, modu çok sürmek istiyorum yardımcı olur musun?

  4. i cant download this mod its not work

  5. Sound 2 not working

  6. isim yok

    direkisyon yok

  7. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 /🚐🚐/ RANGE ROVER (Corsica Island Travel) [1.42-1.43]

  8. truck fan

    please make a new download link as my anti virus software are saying its a virus

  9. bedirhan

    abi direksiyon yok

  10. bedirhan

    abi calismiyor direksiyon

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