Range Rover Supercharged 2008


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Range Rover Supercharged 2008
– Autonomous, sold in a/C Mercedes
– Your salon,
– 2 chassis(normal and low)
– Your engine
– Own CPR (6st)
– Your sound
– Your wheels(disc 4 options, 2 choices of tires (winter and summer) )
– Tuning(hitch, different variations of interior decoration, layout options of toning and color of the roof and grille, replacement lamps)
– Painted.
– Partial support for WCS cockpit accessories
Test on version 1.22

Kirill Mladshev


30 Responses to Range Rover Supercharged 2008

  1. nestor says:

    how to put the file into mod there is no scs file

  2. Yama says:

    where do you buy the car?

  3. Pavel says:

    Этот ты дурочек машина на автомате если стоит естественно она будет ехать если отпустишь тормоз баран

  4. sanwlaram says:

    HD Test V1.23

  5. Ron says:

    unsafe download,blocked by smartscreen filter

  6. FrankieMrRight says:

    Salute Bro. This is the best Car mod ever, Seriously.. Also make a TLC 200 if possible.

  7. MAN-TGXa 18,440 XLX Fan says:

    Please fix this car for Patch 1.23 and higher

    Rims and Tires have it bugs

  8. scaniatrucker73 says:

    I installed the mod but I don’t have the Range Rover wheels, only truck wheels.
    Anyone know why?

    • scaniatrucker73 says:

      Never mind, already figured it out.
      The wheels don’t work on 1.23 patch.

  9. Corné says:

    Can’t download there is a download limit..to bat!

  10. Baku says:

    Give the link can not be downloaded from this link fashion

  11. roman says:

    is there trouble with fuel,ends quickly,or not??i even deleted this mod earlier because of this…

  12. Euro-6 says:

    Different download link please. o.o

  13. Ivchaa says:

    Hey man! Awesome mod! But, can you, please, be so kind and update the mod to Just because the Wheel bug… o.o

  14. Golden Guy says:

    the mod is great but please fix the breaks

  15. peyence says:

    Almost no break, as soon as you “touch”, the range rover is on the roof…
    I removed the mod

  16. Nimit says:

    Designing and finishing is excellent smooth and powerful to drive but breaks are very bad and it flips of 160km speed if you turn or go on footpath on 60km/80km, please fix this.

  17. DiNuzz says:

    Download link not working.
    “Download limit exceeded. You can only save this to Yandex.Disk”
    Just reported, fix please 😀

  18. habib says:

    voiture passat

  19. 123 says:

    euro truck simulator 2 version on pc

  20. Sam Elbayati says:

    I like this mod alot! But is there any chance you could make other SUV’s like the Escalade, Tahoe or Mercedes? Because I think that would be cool!

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