Range Rover Supercharged 2008


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Range Rover Supercharged 2008
– Autonomous, sold in a/C Mercedes
– Your salon,
– 2 chassis(normal and low)
– Your engine
– Own CPR (6st)
– Your sound
– Your wheels(disc 4 options, 2 choices of tires (winter and summer) )
– Tuning(hitch, different variations of interior decoration, layout options of toning and color of the roof and grille, replacement lamps)
– Painted.
– Partial support for WCS cockpit accessories
Test on version 1.22

Kirill Mladshev




30 thoughts on “Range Rover Supercharged 2008

  1. how to put the file into mod there is no scs file

    1. scaniatrucker73

      Put zip file in mod folder, it works

  2. where do you buy the car?

    1. scaniatrucker73

      Mercedes-Benz dealer

      1. No, it’s appearing no where, not at a Mercedes dealer nor any other one … :(((

  3. Этот ты дурочек машина на автомате если стоит естественно она будет ехать если отпустишь тормоз баран

  4. unsafe download,blocked by smartscreen filter

    1. Internet Explorer is trash.

  5. FrankieMrRight

    Salute Bro. This is the best Car mod ever, Seriously.. Also make a TLC 200 if possible.

  6. MAN-TGXa 18,440 XLX Fan

    Please fix this car for Patch 1.23 and higher

    Rims and Tires have it bugs

  7. scaniatrucker73

    I installed the mod but I don’t have the Range Rover wheels, only truck wheels.
    Anyone know why?

    1. scaniatrucker73

      Never mind, already figured it out.
      The wheels don’t work on 1.23 patch.

  8. Can’t download there is a download limit..to bat!

  9. Give the link can not be downloaded from this link fashion

  10. is there trouble with fuel,ends quickly,or not??i even deleted this mod earlier because of this…

    1. Yes i noticed it.

  11. Different download link please. o.o

  12. Hey man! Awesome mod! But, can you, please, be so kind and update the mod to Just because the Wheel bug… o.o

  13. Golden Guy

    the mod is great but please fix the breaks

  14. Undrivable…
    Almost no break, as soon as you “touch”, the range rover is on the roof…
    I removed the mod

  15. Designing and finishing is excellent smooth and powerful to drive but breaks are very bad and it flips of 160km speed if you turn or go on footpath on 60km/80km, please fix this.

  16. Download link not working.
    “Download limit exceeded. You can only save this to Yandex.Disk”
    Just reported, fix please 😀

  17. voiture passat

  18. euro truck simulator 2 version on pc

  19. Sam Elbayati

    I like this mod alot! But is there any chance you could make other SUV’s like the Escalade, Tahoe or Mercedes? Because I think that would be cool!

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