Rantkel HD Graphics v 3.0

Rantkel-HD-Graphics-v-3.0-1 Rantkel-HD-Graphics-v-3.0-2

– New winter mod (Only in some cities)
– Improved weather
– More details
– Changed weather
– Rain now looks more realistic
– Changed version, and now works with 1.15.x and 1.16.x

Author: Rantkel


15 Responses to Rantkel HD Graphics v 3.0

  1. Jhonny says:

    Downloading 🙂

  2. Donovan says:

    Да вы заебали пидарасы пиздить Скриншоты, уёбки ебаные

    • Horbik says:

      Лах иди холланды пили ГЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫ

  3. Ficfic says:

    Can I use your mod HD Grapgics v 3.0 in my mod More realistic with your agreement? I give credits.

  4. Gabe12 says:

    Winter mod with 17 Celsius degrees temperature?

  5. Emir13 says:

    What is this first Volvo, private or downloadable?

  6. Sleepforever says:

    it’s not working. Ugly…

  7. MacedonianWarrior says:

    This is old mod !!! I see it, NO DOWNLOADING !

  8. robert says:

    some people around here should stick to driving trucks and let the modding to people who know what they’re doing…

  9. AlexCrazy says:


  10. Sorin Patrik says:

    Chill out people, the 1st photo is mine . I used Realistic Lighting 🙂 This guy just stole my picture to use here

  11. jonathan says:

    link truck ?

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