Rantkel HD-Graphics


It’s my created mod. Since summer I create and collect things, and now, I decided to share this mod with all ETS2 players. It’s Christmas present for all. I Hope you all enjoy this mod.
-Snow version in some cities.
-Works with 1.15x and older versions.
-Looks very good in photos.
-High fps, so there won’t be any lag



16 thoughts on “Rantkel HD-Graphics

  1. Sumerian_Demon

    man… can you please share the truck? i have seen a man in this page, however its pretty ###### for newer versions of the game.. cheers and thanks a lot for the mod, sounds awesome definitely trying this out, amm.. can you give us more information, about map compatibility and stuff? cheers merry Xmas

  2. OLD #### !!!!!

  3. what do you mean HIGH FPS does this mod improve fps in game or you means no lose fps if use this mod

  4. does its this mod compatibile with BRUTAL mod or with HD graphics Bether fpsClaudioMods-v1

  5. Link of the truck please

  6. Does this work with medium graphics setting? Because I can’t raise them anymore..

  7. Looks awsome! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi, this mod is not for me!
    I ETS2 DLC perhaps because of it?

    1. Hi, this mod is not for me!
      I ETS2 Going East perhaps because of it?

  9. It’s beauty truck, btw I’ve seen it before, but I don’t remember where :/
    Man, could you share it???
    Pls… :*

  10. jacob dowling

    https://ets2.lt/en/man-f2000-v-2-3/ link to the truck its called a man f2000

  11. Hello fellow a big hug, finally you used me for photos?

  12. Can I use your mod in my future mod More Realistic? Thank you.

  13. map? please man!

    1. Simulyant[RU]

      rubn, map “South of Russia” VIP

  14. Triviumsword

    Does this affect with essential mod? because everything works well except the snow, i can’t find any kind of snow in the whole game. My version is 1.5.1 (steam)

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