RD Moving V1.25


– Tested version 1.25.x
– Standalone
– AI Traffic
– Compatible with all pack trailer

* Respect the download link *

Credits: B4RT, Unknown
Convert for ETS2 : Fred_be


6 thoughts on “RD Moving V1.25

  1. US companies from ATS inside the mod (not tested in-game yet)

    1. don’t think that would cause any problem, skins work – and THANKS, used the definitions to the original ATSversion …small changes in chassis-files and they worked, U saved me lot of work !!!

  2. Hi Guys.

    Can U add this new trailer to ATS too ??

    Many thx for it.


    1. it’s already available in ATS as Fred_be says in the description, he has converted it ….. (I mentioned it in my previous post that this mod still got the US Companies)


      the changes in the chassis files U need to do after U copied the def-files over to the ATS-version is to replace the bottom half of the .sii with the ones for ATS
      extended_shadow_texture: “/vehicle/trailer/car/shadow.tobj”
      extended_shadow_intensity: 1.45
      extended_shadow_fadeout_start: 10
      extended_shadow_fadeout_length: 0

      ui_shadow: “/vehicle/trailer/car/ui_shadow.pmd” ,,,,,,,,,,

      1. nuttywolf3

        That link is to a OLD version posted way back in Feb., yes it does work somewhat but does need lots of updating. Oh and don’t tell people to just go change things in files because maybe they just don’t know how to do them kind of things. If the mod makers can’t update their mods then maybe they should not be mod making. -_-

  3. nuttywolf3

    Please can you update this trailer pack for ATS and post it to ATSMODS.LT site

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