ETS2 Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds v1.34.c

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changelog v1.34.c:
– corrected DAF sounds (added xf105 sounds)
– replaced dagger engine sound

Cipinho, Drive Safely


9 thoughts on “ETS2 Real Ai Traffic Engine Sounds v1.34.c

  1. I have a problem with sound. I hear everything from the truck. there are no sounds inside the help booth?

    1. outside truck sounds ok

  2. no sound inside truck

    google tranlsate sorry 🙁

  3. you have 2 options:
    1. use Sound Fixes pack by Drive safely
    2. go to my page on scs forum where you will find an addon that increases sound on interior
    it’s true that with the default settings you don’t hear much from cabin 🙂

    1. thanks, cipinho ….. unsolved problem
      I downloaded the addon but it doesn’t work for me..
      the problem is in my game, everything worked perfect yesterday …
      I tried with a new profline but nothing changes ..

      1. check game sound settings, but I don’t think there is an issue there… with no mods profile add sound fixes pack and see if you get sounds of the traffic, then add my mod.
        my mod has nothing than the files for vehicles,it does not change the volume so the issue is in your side

        1. cipinho thanks
          with the sound package alone, the sun feels little in the cabin. I checked the volume, everything is ok

          on the outside it feels very strong

          inside the truck very, very little.

          1. that’s why you need to use either sound fixes pack or my small addon placed high in the load order

  4. spartacus33

    I just say a big Thank You Bro…. same as usual !!!
    You doing a perfect work with this mod, sure…
    Thx to all your other mods …

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