Real AI Traffic Engine Sounds ETS2 1.34

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changelog v1.34:
-all sounds have been improved (reworked or replaced)
-new sounds for Mercedes trucks
-normal cars have less noisy and less shifting engine sounds
-brand new sounds for vans (ford transit, mb sprinter, vw transporter, fiat ducato)
-different volume level function of the type of the vehicle

if you hated my mod before, now you will like it. if you liked it already now you won’t be able to drive without it !

any post on other websites is allowed only by keeping original download link and credits. in order to discourage thieves, before downloading please check that uploader name is “cipinho”.
please remember that the author my lose interest in updating these packs (again) if you encourage thieves activity.
you can support the author also if you report every time you find my mods reuploaded by others and/or leave a short comment on respective website(s) with the real link.

follow easier my activity on my sounds thread on scs forum:

Cipinho, Drive Safely


5 thoughts on “Real AI Traffic Engine Sounds ETS2 1.34


    А когда Вы сделаете увеличение трафика для 1.34 ? Сделайте мод – увеличение трафика для 1.34 пожалуйста . Он хорошо делает своё дело 🙂 .

      steam version works just fine in 1.34, non steam works too if you remove the line conpatible_versions from manifest.sii


    Просто удалить из manifest.sii строчку compatible_versions ? А цифры 1.33 не надо ? если использую на 1.34 . Спасибо заранее

    1. exactly!

  3. Nice Addition Good Work!!!

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