Real Ai traffic engine sounds mod v1.1:

YouTube preview

First update of my mod is a big update, all sounds have been reworked to include tire sounds
discussions and more comments on scs forum:

Cipinho, Drive Safely


7 thoughts on “Real Ai traffic engine sounds mod v1.1:

  1. Good idea, but absolute nothing to hear in the cabin. Who play from out camera?

    It’s a good job for nothing.

    1. Marko, did you have the curiosity to watch the presentation video? look from 2:16 I am in the cabin.
      it’a all about changing on number in game_data.sii the only reason I did not add this file is because it’s included in sound fixes pack, by Drive Safely, a mod that is strongly recommended to use together with my mod.

      1. Sorry man, I don’t use Sound fixes pack.

  2. SOUND Test:

  3. Jorge Barros

    very bad, totally wrong songs for car speed. sad.

    1. agree, however a few sounds are good, trucks ok, cars not so – sounds like on the racetrack

    2. or maybe you should learn how to reduce the spawn of the sport cars in your game 😉
      if you just watched my video, note that I use no spawn rules for my pack to show as many as engines in a few minutes…

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