Real companies, gas stations & billboards v1.01.03 [1.48.5]

Version 1.01.03
Changed Jastuk to Jysk
Changed Larus to Renault
Changed Villco supermarkt to Koznum
Changed Syllurgy to Balkan Metal Corp.
Bugfixes Globus logo

– In total 189+ companies
– 15+ gas stations
– 210+ trailer skins will be included in the initial release!

This mod changes:
Deliverable SCS-companies to real companies
SCS company trailers to real company trailers
SCS fastfoodrestaurants to real restaurants
Airplane liveries
AI company vans



4 thoughts on “Real companies, gas stations & billboards v1.01.03 [1.48.5]

  1. Frank Laursen

    FAKE VIRUS !!!!!!!

    1. What virus? get over yourself, man

  2. Its better to get this from the steam workshop, then there’s no question as to its authenticity.

  3. Hello, could you share the new version of Real Economy Reloaded please? Thanks!

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