Real Company Logo v 2.7

Mod changing company logos and trailer skins for painting real companies.
Now mod changing 56 companies
Mod tested and working on v1.30

Changes in v2.7
– Changes in companies
French DLC
*) Eco – Elf
*) Gallia Ferries – Brittany Ferries
*) Kaarfor – Carrefour
Italy DLC
*) Libellula – Aprilia
*) AA – Auto di Alonso – Fiat
*) Spinelli – Pirelli
*) Te_logistica – Arcese
*) Terminal Container – Grimaldi Group
*) Eolo Lines – European Seaways
*) Cesare Supermercato – Conad
*) Ini – Eni
– Changes in ship models
– Changes in company signs
– Changes in gas station models
– Fixed errors and warnings
– Many, many others small changes.


DOWNLOAD 52 MB for Promods

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18 thoughts on “Real Company Logo v 2.7

  1. Grazie Satan19990

  2. Thanks, I´ve trying in PM 2.25 and it works very good.

  3. Schumi059

    Thanks very much for promods addon

  4. Does it work with the promods TCP add-on too, or do I have to remove them?

    1. Schumi059

      Work with Promods trailers but do not work with Promods company def. You must make a choice 😉

  5. V-niiiice thx

  6. Great mod as always but there’s a glitch on the doubles the second trailer doesn’t display the logoes correctly it’s offset.

  7. Vanilla+doubles+are+fine,+only+double+from+”Double+trailers+in+all+companies+across+Europe+v2.1″+have+offset+issues.

  8. There’s a bug and missing textures on road, grass near the truck stop. The road have a weird shading, and the grass just appear in dark green color without any texture. I’m playing the 1.31 version of the game. Can you update this mod, so the bugs can be fixed? Thx

  9. Great mod, both companies and trailers, I hope you’ll be able to upgrade it to the 1.31!

  10. Does this work on version 1.32?

  11. nein in 1.32 geht da garnix mehr habs getestet und alles rot von fehler

  12. Bigmack73


  13. Looks like this mod causing problems when you have DLC Krone downloaded. After disabling it everything went normal again

  14. Please,update for 1.35 version! ? This mod is awesome. . . !

  15. Great mod PLS make an upgrade for 1.35!!!

  16. A me non funzione (versione 1.36)

  17. Update the mod for 1.37, please.

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