Real Company Logo v2.1 [Schumi] [1.49]

The mod replaces fictional companies with real ones

Connect this mod in the manager above the mods Anim company gates and Company addon

Version 2.1:
– Mod adapted for patch 1.49

Required game version:
– 1.49.x + All Map DLC`S

Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link and author! Do not reupload!

You can support my work if you want, it’s up to you:

SCS, satan19990, Schumi, jasper99, rookie_one


14 thoughts on “Real Company Logo v2.1 [Schumi] [1.49]

  1. Francesco

    Is this compatible with 1.48.x or should i download the previous version?

    1. compatible

  2. BigJhon, Official pseudo

    Stolen Mod!

    Original in Workshop since 2016 by Tamiel18 & new version (2020) by ExiaRS. 😉

    1. Schumi has been doing this mod since 2019, so there’s nothing to write bullshit here

    2. And you can’t even see that there’s a difference in these mods?

    3. успокойся чмошник

    4. If you are sure that this mod is stolen, you can invite these authors to the SCS forum and there we will deal with it.

      1. BigJhon, Official pseudo

        Why bother posting on the forum when I can contact SCS Software directly, through their legal department. Our various media have also made contact on several occasions with the current host, the YouTube platform, Paypal, as well as the national court, for repeated insults, hate speech, defamation, and non-respect of copyright. Justice will take its course in the coming months, while all your data is carefully collected by lawyers and experts, by examining your various media content and textual exchanges. My actions to protect the community as a creator and modder stop there, where others will take over in a more legislative and administrative manner.

        1. What you write here is the ramblings of a sick person. if you have proof, post it on the SCS forum. It’s not you who should charge me with anything, but the authors of these mods.

        2. A similar mod was first created in 2014 by satan19990. So if Tamiel18 and ExiaRS have a complaint, let them report it on the SCS forum. And I don’t pay attention to the complaints of outsiders.

        3. Nigel Downie

          I smell jealousy. if Schumi has caused an offence why has this not been reported on the SCS forum like he has said in a previous message. I see no problems with this mod. this is a guy who is showing the community his skills in modding. I see a lot more people copying other mods that were created by other people and nothing has been done. so BigJhone, Official pseudo why don’t you keep you opinions to you’re self and report it in the correct way. No solicitor, Lawyer nor court will even take this on as this is a game owned by SCS. all you are is a bully who likes to threaten people with law suites. SCHUMI KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK PAL.

  3. Hendrik-jan Eilers

    A Eurovik still has the SCS name on the roof. But otherwise a top mod. Thank you Schummi.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. No one has reported this problem before.

  4. thank u Schumi for the all mods 🙂

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