Real Company Logos Addon 1.0b

This is addon for Real Company Logo v 2.7.

Addon changes the names, logos and skins of trailers for real companies.

It change all the companies except from the latest DLC “Beyond the Baltic Sea” (will add them leter).

1. Install Real Company Logo v 2.7
2. Install Real Company Logos Addon 1.0b
3. Give Real Company Logos Addon 1.0b higher priority

Thanks satan19990 and Tamiel18 for great mods.
I use some models from Tamiel18 mod becouse his mоd was not updated for several years.

jasper, satan19990, Tamiel18


7 thoughts on “Real Company Logos Addon 1.0b

  1. With real Company Logos v2.7 and your mod too many errors and warnings!

    1. There is only 1 warning and its not critical

    2. Dont install “Trailers” from Real Company Logo v 2.7

  2. Finally

  3. Bro, that load on your trailer,where you get it ?, i really want it please. i have searching for that Cat 785 or bigger for a long time. please can i have it ???

    1. Its just reskin for basic cargo from Special Transport DLC.

  4. Please make separated mod only for the special cargo skin

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