Real Dashboard For Renault Premium/Magnum v1.1


Real Dashboard For Renault Premium/Magnum ver.1.1

Tested on latest versions.



12 thoughts on “Real Dashboard For Renault Premium/Magnum v1.1

  1. please do for MAN! thx


    Again WHY the Magnum entire dashboard is white ? It’s not realistic at all !

  3. VERY VERY nice work. But the Renault Magnum doesn’t have a speed reducer symbol in the dashboard like Premium and where i can find the GPS????? Thank you. AND PLEASE DO IT FOR MAN.

    1. GPS can be installed in the service where the right plate driver.
      to TRINIDAD34: where white? need a screenshot

  4. Great job, thank you.

  5. Will there be a Volvo version?

  6. Very nice mod! It would be amazing if you could make this one also for Volvo and Scania.

    1. Dashboard for Scania will likely be in late summer.
      Volvo already tried to to do came out not very. Maybe try to do again.

  7. adrianking1991

    Seems to be very nice, but… how to use it?
    I have to use \z_Real Dashboard For Renault PremiumMagnum ver.1.1.scs\ and choose one version of tacho lighting from folder? I have enabled this base mod and version with all lights, and i have no any lights on tacho..
    Dashboard is really nice, but game grashes during a \quickjob\ screen, when i enable filtering jobs to Renault trucks only (there is no truck thumbnail, choosing any job crashes the game.)
    Anyway good job, fix the errors and will be fine ;D

    1. Thank you very much Men! Corrected this error.

  8. Robertcarrizal

    i needed these for update dashboard for renault magnum and premium reversion V.1.2 Thank You ETS 2 LT

  9. please update

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