Real Emblem Trucks version 2


[CHANGE LOG] Aug 05, 2015
– Remade all truck models for the patch 1.19.2.

SCS Software, pete379jp


10 Responses to Real Emblem Trucks version 2

  1. Piratxxx11 says:

    why this stupid mod?? all truck is have original logo 😀 😀

    • YeahRaf says:

      Yes but older trucks don’t have engine logo in the door. And you can see there’s a V8 logo in the Actros MP3.

    • IvanGF14 says:

      Yeah!! Why are u going to see the screens? Because this is for losers 😀

    • Darsh71 says:

      y’a vraiment que les mecs qui ne savent pas ce qu’est un camion en réel pour écrire de tels commentaires aussi navrant !

  2. takumi says:

    pointless, it was pointless in the beginning as it a/ crashed alot or b/ didnt sit right, now every truck has them why even think of re-doing this. its the same for youtube or facebook trucks and trailers. no-ones interested.

  3. Zeros says:

    Why this mod you ask??..because it is made by pete379jp a guy who is a very good modder and also made some excellent chassi and tunning mods in the past. So if you think it is stupid..i guarantee is fine quality “stupid” . 8)

  4. ED101 says:

    Guys if you don’t like it, don’t download or even open it…

  5. zoso says:

    Do not ever criticize modders
    Ciao Pete379jp

  6. Maks-80 says:


  7. Darsh71 says:

    Hello, please, can we have an update for 1.23 ?

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