Real Engine Sound Updated for 1.37.x

Hello Truckers!
1. More realistic and softer Engine Sound inside and outside cabin ,
2. Mod support all trucks,
3. exctract it and put the scs file inside your mod folder.
– Now compatible with update 1.37.x.
Please do not upload to other sites, Without permission of the builder

please 10 dollars it’s my birthday and thanks



13 thoughts on “Real Engine Sound Updated for 1.37.x

  1. You want us to give you $10 for a mod you won’t even show us a video? Well I’ll tell you what, November 16 is my birthday and as I ask you also 10 dollars and you send me, because now I do not send them and so we are equal.

  2. can we see a video, please?



  4. Fake : is for version 1.32
    package_version: “1.0”
    display_name: “Real Engine Sound Updated for 1.32”
    author: “FAERWALD”

    1. good to know

  5. But enough with these prayers:
    please do not upload to other sites, Without permission of the builder
    and block the mods, and now also the novelty of asking for money for the birthday.
    I want to remind these Masters that SCS puts at their disposal all free tools and files, and the thing that makes me very irritated that these masters learn from the mods not blocked by other Modders, and demonstrate a very ###### arrogance.
    Anyway, I wish you a happy birthday, and think about this comment (surely it won’t be)

    1. Well said zoso, except for some very good and non-begging authors, this is the worst community I know regarding mods. Ciao

  6. Ciao Angelo,la maggior parte dei Modders quelli bravi non bloccano le mods e segnalano solo di non modificare le loro Mods perché le aggiorneranno regolarmente e sono molto d’accordo,
    Il problema non è questo forum o questa comunità ma sono le persone
    xchè succede un po’ dappertutto, io non uso i social ma ho scoperto che molti intelligenti prendono le mods e le skins di altri amici dai forum e se li postano
    sui loro profili così sono ancora + bravi , quindi la musica non cambia.

    1. Good modders don’t block mods, among other reasons, because they know it’s not useful. Any hobbyist who does a little research will find out how to unlock it.
      And this guy from the $ 10 is a scoundrel.

      1. I started with the first ETS and for many years I repeat the usual things but I am always insulted.

  7. Johan Virkkunen

    Fake report!!!!

  8. funktioniert nicht mod ist nicht im ordner drin sichtbar

  9. Adrian Grass

    Hello ETS2.LT

    This mod does not run under patch 1.37. It runs under patch 1.32.
    This mod is stolen from someone else.
    This Uploader is begging for 10$ for a stolen work which doesn’t work!



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