Real Environment Dimension


1: Open redexpert10s_ess2013.exe. Install to C:/Program Files/Environment Simulating Studio/Real Environment Dimension folder.
2: Open the RED – Expert 1.0S 2013 folder in installation folder.
3: Copy the EnvironmentSimulatingStudio_RED_Expert_2013.scs file to Your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
4: Open the config.cfg file in Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, and give the following:
uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1”
5: Start the game. Drive a little. Press ESC and Exit.
6. Check the config.cfg. If the uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1” line is disappeared, the RED is okay. The game will use the HD Effects.

Author: Environment Simulating Studio


47 thoughts on “Real Environment Dimension

  1. in config.cfg where put the g_texture_hd_enabled “1″

    1. type uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1”
      anywhwere under uset g

  2. Super sache, Grafik brilljand in HD
    Einfach nur geil. Super sache
    und vielen dank dafür

  3. Doesn’t work. The uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1″ never gets saved… And it looks cartoony. Way too exaggerated colours

    1. “Doesn´t work and it looks cartoony”. A real miracle.

  4. Man i akys krenta medziai .. ju tai ir nesutvarke… toki pikselinei visi gifiniai….

  5. where put “exe” folder ?

  6. Sarkissian

    Saw the video and looks unrealistic and cartoony to me!

  7. Works fine for me and it is REALISTIC. Thank you.
    Btw.: Don´t rate the video, try the mod.

  8. Robin Banks

    I like this mod but now my 120kph don’t work I’m stuck with boring 90kph please fix this, did I say I like your mod.

    1. Your speed mod must be inserted as the LAST ONE in the mod folder. Then you shouldn´t stuck at 90 kph.

      1. Robin Banks

        I added some Zs to the speed mods name now it works thank for your reply.

  9. Hi, Tried all the above and still doesnt work. Any ideas

  10. mod is great with fxaa injector otherwise its ####

  11. This mod works absolutly perfect.
    THAAAANNNNNNNXXXXXXXXX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i agree it works fine super nice mod and lovely graphics nic moder keep them coming 🙂

  13. da pra 2.5.1

  14. i also agree. I am running 1.3.1 with tsm 2.1 and graphics on a 40 ” hd tv are superb. I had a bad copy of 2.1 but now with a new download and hd im sailin down that old road again. thanks again.

  15. can you tell me how i can install that mod, step by step…thy

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      Read the instructions or better copy and paste it in a wordpadfile, while You are following the steps you can have a look after You printed it,

      They are clear and easy to do,



    2. If it is the original mod I downloaded you had to use chrome to download it correctly or the exec. would not open correctly then you run the exe. puts a file in your program files that is the same name as the mod it has the scs in it open and put scs in your mod folder then add the line to your config folder as stated above now the line you add in your config folder if installed correctly will disappear. To activate you hit the pause button and it changes the colors with this mod I have turned down my brightness to way less than half you do not get those ultra bright rays when using a white truck

  16. Yes, yes, yes. That’s right. Read the instruction people !!!!!!!!!!

  17. For all who say it does not work it works just fine I have it installed and thank Vajo for this great mod if you see some of my screens you will see this mod at work in conjuction with FXAA the detail is amazing

  18. In the profile, do you have to enable (check) this mod? It’s not entirely clear in the instructions whether that’s needed.

  19. Miguel Macias

    Thanks ,Working very nice in my game 1.3.1,Have a very nice textures the sound its great,and colors its very nice to,im working in last version tsm map thanks :-))))

  20. Mod works very good on 1.3s Version.

  21. just tried it with both saves one with tsm 2.0 map and a standard game and i love it much better color detail on both my tv and computer screen this is a keeper have yet to check speed limit is 110 still or back to 90 km/h either way i’ll fix that my self but that is besides the point great mod if TDU 2 had this kind of mods and was cared for by people / company i would still be playing it but NOPE lol


    This mod is fantastic in general but why after instaling it i hear frequently a different song (with vocals !) in the menu?If some of you played the need for speed shift 2 game is the same song-music that was in the menu of that game! ###

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      You cab delete the music files out of the mod and try it again, than it will work maybe,



  23. Freddy Jimmink

    Open the mod with winrar or a program what does the same, go to the folder sound, than go to the folder music, click right mousebutton on the folder music and choose delete,

    When that is finished close file and try again,

    Note: Do not delete the enviroment in sound folder!


    Freddy Jimmink


      Problem fixed following your advise!Thanks a lot Freddy!
      (it’s realy weird though why they changed the menu music..pointless!)

      1. Freddy Jimmink

        Good to hear Billy, and why people change the music? i think because the y their beteer maybe?


        Freddy Jimmink
        The Netherlands

  24. Is it intended that there are no stars visible at night?the night sky and so the environment is completely dark. Even the moon is hardly visible.
    Brightness is ok at day. However, sometimes there are vertical lines visible in the clouds at day.


      I don’t mind about the stars but the vertical lines on the clouds needs fixing…At list this is visible only for a few minutes at the sunrise

  25. i can’t buy truck

    1. Freddy Jimmink

      Check wich truck You will buy on what level You can biy/unlock it, You can find that info in def,
      but than the def must be open,


      Freddy Jimmink
      Leunen (L)
      The Netherlands

  26. i can’t extract.
    winrar said it is corrupted.

  27. In my not working,the line uset g_texture_hd_enabled ‘ 1’ disappears,but the color red is intense,help me want very much playing with this mod.

  28. my game not crash but any mods not work

    btw not effect for 1.2.5

    how other seres?? 1.3.1 or

    explain please. thanks

  29. Hello, ive just started playing and modding ETS2 and found this mod to greatly increase my graphics.
    Thank you for some awesome work!

    I found only one thing i (rather greatly) dislike: the headlight flare/glow from AI vehicles (non trucks) are orange..

    1. Btw im on 1.3.1s

    2. Ive also just found out that AI trucks do not have any glow at all.
      Ive made some screens if dev is interested.

  30. I was excited to use this mod, but it appears to not work with 1.4.8. It crashes at the RED load screen every time.

    1. Same here 🙁

  31. it works with v1.48

  32. it’s not working with 1.4.1 too, it was working on 1.1 but on 1.4.1 game is crashing on the RED loading screen after loading a save

    1. Anonymous53

      Same as 1.6.1s + DLC Steam Rip

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