Real European Companies 1.39.* compatible

This mod replaces all original SCS companies inside base game and map DLCs. . It is compatible with v1.39.x and does not
support the previous versions. It replaces texture files (.dds)


gameversion: 1.39.*


.Base game + East DLC — supported
.Scandinavia DLC — supported
.France base + DLC — supported
.Italia base + DLC — supported
.Baltic DLC — supported
.Black Sea DLC — supported


Promods is supported




3 thoughts on “Real European Companies 1.39.* compatible

  1. Sorry but very bad mod no realistic sign and trailer and lots og errors i game log

  2. viele rosa dateien an schildern nicht so prikelnt

  3. Richard Barker

    All the Company Names are overlapping the originals in game so the mod doesn’t really work good try though

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