Real European Gas Stations Reloaded

Mod is formally updated to v1.48. Nothing changed for gas stations in the new version so it supports older versions, too.
Minor update of mod description.

This mod replaces original gas stations in ETS 2 (9 is hard coded) and partially replaces (hybrid) gas stations (companies) in the map DLCs and Germany Rework.

The final list of brands:
Big stations: BP, Shell, Esso
Medium stations: Orlen, Total, Q8
Small stations: AVIA, OMV, MOL
Germany Rework: Aral
Austria Rework: ???, ???
France base + DLC: Total
Italy base + DLC: Eni
Scandinavia DLC: Circle K
Baltic DLC: Gazprom Neft, Газпром нефть, Neste
Black Sea DLC: Lukoil, Rompetrol
Iberia DLC: Galp, Repsol

Base game + East DLC —> supported
Germany Rework —> partially supported**
Austria Rework —> not supported (for now)**
Scandinavia DLC —> partially supported*
France base + DLC —> partially supported**
Italia base + DLC —> partially supported**
Baltic Sea DLC —> partially supported**
Black Sea DLC —> partially supported**
Iberia DLC —> partially supported**



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