Real Garage Prices

Say goodbye to the in game-high price garages and upgrades. Have a more improved real-life garage price and garage upgrade. Copyright protected.



4 thoughts on “Real Garage Prices

  1. Thanks a lot, been waiting for a mod for this.
    Works Great!!

  2. scania_dragon

    price_small_garage: 90000
    price_garage_upgrade: 68000

    I see, you have not the slightest idea of what the construction or conversion of such a garage really costs in reality.


  3. GarrettKing

    Great mod!! don’t take any notice of the comment above. It’s nice to see cheap garage prices for this game as they are so highly priced in-game default.

    maybe instead of having the word ‘Real’ maybe should have used the word ‘Cheap’ but apart from that excellent mod.

  4. ElvisAmorimGA

    Que trabalho extraordinário Dragon, suas idéias me atraem, se tiver interesse em integrar na minha equipe por gentileza me envie uma solicitação.


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