Real Hungarian Companies v 1.3

Hungarian-Companies-3 Hungarian-Companies-2 Hungarian-Companies-1

This mod replaces the original company by Hungarian companies, add new trailers, new skins, and new Ai traffic and more

Work and make for the fantastic Hungarian map made by Frank007

-Included Logo company skin.
-Included Trailers company skin.
-Included New Trailers models.
-Included Logo player company skin.
-Included Ai Traffic Logo company skin.
-Included Trucks Ai Traffic Logo company skin.
-Included Trucks company skin.

– HungaroCamion
– HunCargo
– Waberers
– Duran-Trans
– Szemerey
– Transsped
– SioTrans
– Fazekas
– B3 Sped Dombovar
– Farkas-Transz
– Horvath Tranport
– Penny Market
– Gemini Kft
– Agro-Alfa Kft
– Spar
– Mol

Authors: Igor Nitch, Rommi Tz, Pete379jp, Bertan06, Gabor268, Byco1

DOWNLOAD 32 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 32 MB [Sharemods]

DOWNLOAD 30 Hungary Traffic Trucks [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 30 Hungary Traffic Trucks [Sharemods]

DOWNLOAD 1 MB Hungary Trucks Skins [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 1 MB Hungary Trucks Skins [Sharemods]

12 thoughts on “Real Hungarian Companies v 1.3

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    ! C:\Users\Владимир\AppData\Local\ChemTable Software\Загрузки\Hungary_Traffic_Truck(1).rar: Bug CRC в Hungary_Traffic_Truck.scs, the file is corrupted

    1. link corrompido

  2. The link is broken hungary truck traffic

  3. dando erro no downloads , ok

  4. link quebrado

  5. Igor Nitch

    Download the mod here :

    it’s not me who put the mod here if you have problems or bugs see them on the forum scs thank you

  6. Igor Nitch

    The dowload link here are wrong !

  7. favor corrigir links , da erro downloads , obrigado

  8. Does it work under v1.16.2?

  9. I hope Igor cna update these mods to 1.24+

  10. Hányas verzióban lehet használni?

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