Real indian Horns [updated 2017]

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Real indian Horns [updated 2017] watch this video-

How to use indian horn

1-put mod file in My ComputerDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod

2-Then Active the mod

I Have added all new real horns

This mod contains 4 real desi Indian horns which replaces the truck/bus horn and the air horns in Euro Truck Simulator 2!
Works for all trucks except Renaults. Tested on versions 1.20,1.21,1.22, 1.23,1.24,,1.27

Copyright you must read it

Please Do not Edit my config.cfg file

please Do not publish to any other website

If I See Anywhere My Mod Uploaded Or Edited Without My Permissions I Will Ask Admins To Remove it

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5 thoughts on “Real indian Horns [updated 2017]

  1. Please give the link for the bus in the picture.

  2. Mariano Italiano

    What’s this a bus in the a picture ?
    Please , give a link 😀 !

    1. This bus is SCANIA METROLINK bus mod of Indian operators. This bus mod is not available in ets2. I’m also waiting for this bus mod.Author has not released this mod….

      1. Syed Riyaas

        Hey man you can download SCANIA Metrolink bus in

  3. whenever I try to download any mods, it always shows some other irrelevent things . Please help me to download.

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