Real Life Graphic + Lights

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– Realistic lights during night
– Brighter skies during the night
– Removed asphalt’s glow
– Sunrise starts at about 4:30 am
– Sunset starts at about 20:00
– More bright traffic’s headlights
– New normal fog 10-12 pm
– More realistic sky
– The grass has more realictic color

Compatible for: 1.13.x – 1.14.x versions

Author: Real Life Graphic


14 thoughts on “Real Life Graphic + Lights

  1. Nice Man.good luck

    1. Multumesc domn Ovidiu

  2. Video?

  3. Cant’t find any difference to your old version.
    all files are the same. For 1.14 the files “bad_weather.sii” and “nice_weather.sii” should be in def/climate/default and renamed as bad.sii and nice.sii. Then open up the files and add a prefix default. to the name, e.g. change bad.22 to default.bad.22

    1. the only difference from the previous version is the file “2v. Real Life Graphic Lights” that change the lights and sky at night … and if you can please do not umblii through my files, or if you do, fao without saying and others nevertheless thanks for advice

  4. hello, nice mod, just a problem with grass on the road 🙁

    1. ie, be more detailed, possibly offering some images

    1. thank you

  5. This is utterly disgusting! Just looked at that vid and real life? Hahahaha what a JOKE.

    1. why do you think that? What’s so funny at my mod?? I think I gained from them ?? find that not only satisfaction I get when I see thousands of downloads. so sit in your bank and do you with what you’ll do and you mod better than mine, I’d shove #### in matte

  6. very good makes my game look crystal clear

  7. Epsilon04

    Your mod is just awesome but if you can fix this bug in a future version it’s would be nice !
    TSM 5.3 + ETS2 V1.14.2 + your mod .. :/

    Thanks you !!

  8. breizhdave

    crash with map MHA 1.6 and RUS Map 1.4

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