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– Realistic lights during night
– Brighter skies during the night
– Removed asphalt’s glow
– Sunrise starts at about 4:30 am
– Sunset starts at about 20:00
– More bright traffic’s headlights
– New normal fog 10-12 pm
– More realistic sky
– The grass has more realictic color

Compatible for: 1.13.x – 1.14.x versions

Author: Real Life Graphic


14 Responses to Real Life Graphic + Lights

  1. ovidiu says:

    Nice Man.good luck

  2. Anders says:


  3. Flow says:

    Cant’t find any difference to your old version.
    all files are the same. For 1.14 the files “bad_weather.sii” and “nice_weather.sii” should be in def/climate/default and renamed as bad.sii and nice.sii. Then open up the files and add a prefix default. to the name, e.g. change bad.22 to default.bad.22

    • Cristian says:

      the only difference from the previous version is the file “2v. Real Life Graphic Lights” that change the lights and sky at night … and if you can please do not umblii through my files, or if you do, fao without saying and others nevertheless thanks for advice

  4. kapowa says:

    hello, nice mod, just a problem with grass on the road 🙁

  5. xbof says:

    This is utterly disgusting! Just looked at that vid and real life? Hahahaha what a JOKE.

    • Cristian says:

      why do you think that? What’s so funny at my mod?? I think I gained from them ?? find that not only satisfaction I get when I see thousands of downloads. so sit in your bank and do you with what you’ll do and you mod better than mine, I’d shove dick in matte

  6. Kevuk29 says:

    very good makes my game look crystal clear

  7. Epsilon04 says:

    Your mod is just awesome but if you can fix this bug in a future version it’s would be nice !
    TSM 5.3 + ETS2 V1.14.2 + your mod .. :/

    Thanks you !!

  8. breizhdave says:

    crash with map MHA 1.6 and RUS Map 1.4

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