Real Life Interior Camera for All Trucks


-bigger steering wheels
-closer dashboars
-carefully set camera angles for all trucks

This mod will give you the most realistic trucking experience on ETS 2

(tested in 1.7)


DOWNLOAD 0.53 MB hotfile

21 thoughts on “Real Life Interior Camera for All Trucks

  1. dostum içeriğini okudum gerçekten gözlemlemişsin ve emek harcamışsın. Çok teşekkürler saygılar.

    1. rica ederim. böyle bir modun lazım olduğunu düşündüm. umarım beğenirsiniz.

  2. Türk dili konuşan değil

    1. There is also a wide english explanation in the read me file.

  3. Johnny Trucker

    It lags, i have a high powered pc

    1. this is just a camera angle mod. it has nothing to do with lagging
      i have a moderate pc but it doesn’t lag even a bit :S

  4. Johnny Trucker

    Yea i was using a mod that interfered with the game your mod is good, sorry

  5. davrsmania

    If you notice some lags (very difficult, but not impossible) try to get less value in far plane line, it’s a little help for fps, but you see less distant unfortunately. Anyway, nice mod.

  6. sry what you mean this sentense..

    If you are using any camera mod, disable it first

    IF I use cam.scs mod can I use this mod or not

    1. If you are using and INTERIOR camera, you should disable it and enable only this mod. Exterior camera mods are ok.

  7. ok thnx I test in a little bit early and this is great mod. If I can use texture size above 50% then game runs smoothly is great.

    1. youre welcome. if you have any suggestions, tell me so i can correnct things in v2.

  8. ok I think a little maybe I find what can make better. I ask can you make something that makes better reading the display numers and text to those who use game text size 50 or smaller. If you cant that’s ok

  9. Ergin GİRGİN

    Çok Kaliteli bir mod olmuş, teşekkür ediyorum.

    1. rica ederim v2 gelmek üzere beklemede kalın 😉

  10. nice little mod,works well for me on Volvo and Scania..

    1. youre welcome
      v2 is coming (today or tomorrow) i have corrections for both volvos, mercedes, iveco and renault. they all look better now. stand by 🙂

      1. cant wait!! hope for today

        1. V2 is out! 🙂 but don’t expect big changes..
          only big change is for Volvo 2012.(it’s slightly corrected)
          also Mercedes steering wheel is enlarged. (it’s now equal to the other trucks)
          and some little position corrections for other trucks.

          1. great i’m using it right now 🙂 any chance to make left side much wider i mean to see more in leftside mirror? but rest is great

          2. I also put an alternative “reduced version” in the rar file.
            If you wish to see from a little wider (but farther) camera and wanna see the mirror more, you can try it 😉

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