Real Livestock Hauler Skins By Lucasi and Skiner


Lucasi and Skiner skins of Real Livestock hauling companies. Enjoy. Please keep original credits.

Skiner Skins with manifests
Pete389 Conrad Shada
Pete389 Johnson Livestock
Pete389 Chad Blackwell
Pete389 Seidler Trucking

Lucasi Skins with manifests
Pete389 Dee King Trucking
Pete389 Red Duel Trucking
Pete389 Scott Rud Trucking
Pete389 Stevens Inc

Freightliner Classic Reworked
Gilson Trucking Cirle J Stock Farm

All Pete389 skins are for the 63″ bunk

Lucasi and Skiner


8 thoughts on “Real Livestock Hauler Skins By Lucasi and Skiner

  1. K-whopper

    nice skins thanks for sharing Lucasi and skiner,,,

  2. Good job.

  3. Aventador

    really awesome skins

  4. ShuqGrind

    This is fantastic! Thanx a lot guys!

  5. No problem. Enjoy

  6. Reaux2000

    Hey Lucasi how did you add the lettering and stuff and place it on the freightliner I’m trying to do one if my own but the texture is confusing because it doesn’t have the skeleton of the truck? Thanks

  7. Do you mean the text? Do u have the template?

  8. hey lucasi i have a request. i dont know if you do them or not but if so please message me back!

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