Real MAN D38 engine sound by Ibanbelushi – 1.40

Real Man D38 Engine Sound 1.40

– Real Startup and Stop
– Real Airbrakes
– Real Interior Sound
– Real Tires Sound
– Real Retarder sound Voith
– Real D38 engine Sound record by zerokal26 Thanks for this



3 thoughts on “Real MAN D38 engine sound by Ibanbelushi – 1.40

  1. Works im 1.39?

  2. Вот это я понимаю-настоящий звук

  3. as someone that works at MAN that sound is as realistic as it being straight piped from factory, unless that recording came from outside of Euro6 regulations wich means no particle filter and such only like that it would sound like the mod is describing as real sound

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