Real Names for DLC Heavy Cargo Pack

This mod is a skin pack with real logos of machinery and trailer brand.
This mod nedd to have the Heavy Load Pack DLC!!!!

SCS & The Trucker


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10 thoughts on “Real Names for DLC Heavy Cargo Pack

  1. scaniageerard

    i have a question;i have a Retail version of the game;NON-steam!
    if i buy the DLC Heavy Cargo Pack on steam ;[i have steam account for other games NOT;ets 2,] is my game ets2 connected with steam???

    1. No you will have to add the retail version to your steam account to do this there should be a code in ets2 box type that code into add a game to steam and you will have to download game to your account once done you can add all DLC including the new heavy cargo pack.

  2. scaniageerard

    thank you for the anser ,so then is the game not Retail but steam account game; if i am correct; once the game is on steam how dus this work? steam updates the game constenly; how that work with
    my mods,thanks!!!

    1. Yes your game works with your steam account when done all mods you have in the retail will also work on the steam version as well
      Ps mods work with both game version i.e. Retail steam
      so no problems there

      1. scaniageerard

        thank you for answer; if there is an new update; steam is automatic doing the update;this is no effect with my mods?
        sorry for asking.

        1. When steam updates the game to a new version depending on patch i.e. At moment the game has little updates but they shouldn’t break your mods if you have retail version 1.27 and your mods work then you should be good to go
          The only way you may have problems is when the developers make a major update to 1.28 then just update your mods for that version that’s all you need to do

          1. scaniageerard

            thank you for a straight answer now it is all clear for me !!!
            now i can decide what i`m going to do !!!thank you very much for explanig ;a good day to you sir!!!

  3. Just keep checking this site for updated mods the cumunity for this game is excellent support so you shouldn’t have any problems updating your mods if and when 1.28 arrives.
    Glad I could help you out
    And happy trucking

  4. steven duran

    tienen direccion todas las ruedas

  5. simoes197486

    Hi, scaniageerard or steven duran
    please help-me…
    I don’t want “STEAM” do you understand?
    where are the normal games! without steam! At where is?

    I want to buy original, but it does not work. 🙁

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