Real Physic v 1.25 By Driver Daniel


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Tested version 1.25,1.24!
It’s my first mod I hope you will enjoy it.

Author: Driver Daniel


9 thoughts on “Real Physic v 1.25 By Driver Daniel

  1. Please do here-a physics,please

  2. DAF_Lover

    No file to download, Daniel.

  3. hi daniel! this is finaly a good physic mod. not too soft, not too stiff, just perfect. good job! i only wish for further front roll if you brake hard and long

    1. Try the phys – mod off SMHKL and you will see that’s is THE suspension mod.

  4. RedDragonMK

    NO FILE !!!

  5. no file update dowload link

  6. victor198134

    I set this mode, on a version 1.25.3 and 1.26.1 when any cargo, immediately eject from the game and gives an error!

  7. victor198134

    установил этот мод, на версии 1.25.3 и 1.26.1 при выборе любого груза, сразу выкидывает из игры и выдаёт ошибку!

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