Real Physics Mod By Thalken v 1.0

Real Physics (1) Real Physics (2)

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Mod work on 1.18.x
Compatible with Original & TSM maps + DLC East & North
This mod will make physics in gameplay more truly

P/s: Please, show your respect by the way didn’t upload again my mod,if you’re want to share in another forum or blog then you’re can copy original link in this topic.

Author: Thalken


26 Responses to Real Physics Mod By Thalken v 1.0

  1. Soe says:

    Thalken you are very dynamic and on the high top of performances,please continue promotion. Me and everybody always in favor to you !!!

    I will download and test your new mods,one again thanks you so much Thalken.

  2. Darklord says:

    Great, thanks you Thalken.

  3. Swagger says:

    Wow wow,mod updates continuity,maybe you don’t know Thalken you are gradually famous on this website. Your mods make for people very liked because it’s very realistic,that’s is your success. Thanks you so much about sharing Thalken.

  4. sunnoco says:

    As always, excellent job, Thalken! I don’t drive trucks in this game (same in real life:)…), but I would like to encourage you to keep it up your great and hard work! To make mods need a lot of time and patience (especially to find a proper way to modify “def” files; you need to test every single modify, which involve a lot of patience!;)…). So, keep up the great and hard work , Thalken. As you can see, we’re already your fans!;)
    Soe, once again, thank you for your inform and Thalken’s link (gts mod).

    P.S. I finally succeeded to modify a few of my mods with default ETS 2 “.dds” files and after I’ll make an You Tube account and I’ll record my mods and then I’ll show you the video. I’ll write tomorrow to SCS to ask them again if they allow me to share my mods, always for free, with all of you guys. Sorry for this guys, but for me (because of my profession and also to avoid any civil or criminal law suit) it’s a must to have their permission. In their past and new site / blog and forum there is no statement with permission to share in public our mods! Only statement that allow us to make mods!;)… So, I must have their answer, otherwise, all my mods will remain only for my personal use.
    Once again, sorry for this guys, but I can’t afford any copyright law break, even if I changed my mods for sharing (even those made by myself) with ONLY ETS 2 “.dds” files. For instance, I made AI traffic from ETS 2 folder: “model/ vehicle/”. So, I made AI traffic from almost all of that constructions vehicles (cat, tractors, harvester). But, even if I wrote before to SCS and ask them their permission, till now I have no answer from them. Maybe they don’t wanna to have those vehicles in this game. I have no idea! So, I’ll ask them again tomorrow. For sharing with you my mods, I gave up even to use pictures with CC0 statement, even if most of all are under free law terms. That’s why, even in my video presentation you’ll see only pictures from ETS2 files. Sorry for this guys.
    So, for short, if they’ll allow to me to share with you my mods and if you like my mods, of course, I’ll post it only here (on this site, because it’s the only site that I use) my link with my mods. I think I’ll need to make an account on sharemods, but I’ll see this after SCS response.
    Also, tonight, I’ll post it here my You Tube link with a few of my mods (only those which I already modified). Will be only 10 min of video, because I’ll use free version of Bandicam to record. Sorry, but I don’t have patience to record more and the to edit. I just hope I’ll catch them all.:)…
    Have a great night and a great week guys. Take care all of you and… drive safe!;)…

  5. sunnoco says:

    P.S. I almost forgot: if you’ll change the values from Josh’s mod (realistic traffic light), from:
    interval[]: (15.0, 2.0, 23.0, 2.0)

    cycle: 4
    cycle[0]: 0.0
    cycle[1]: 21.0
    cycle[2]: 0.0
    cycle[3]: 21.0

    to, for instance, something like this:
    interval[]: (10.0, 0.0, 10.0, 0.0)

    cycle: 4
    cycle[0]: 0.0
    cycle[1]: 11.0
    cycle[2]: 0.0
    cycle[3]: 11.0

    you’ll have only red and green light on day and only yellow flashing at night. What I observed in game, till now (I haven’t time to play more with those values! Maybe you or Josh or someone else have time to do it), it’s a little awkward traffic lights behavior, with these values: all 4 of them become red or green in the same time!:)… For a moment, this behavior was awkward for me and I was tempted to delete it! But, after a few moments in game I saw an interesting AI traffic behavior (with your mod, Thalken, activate, of course!). Because time it’s very short (10 s) from red to green and all become red / green in the same time, by day, AI traffic behavior it’s made only by traffic light color, not by semaphores signs like by night with only yellow flashing or all traffic lights off (if you’ll change the values to zero, you’ll turn off the semaphore’s lights, day and night!;)…):
    interval[]: (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0)

    cycle: 4
    cycle[0]: 0.0
    cycle[1]: 0.0
    cycle[2]: 0.0
    cycle[3]: 0.0

    So, those values, (interval[]: (10.0, 0.0, 10.0, 0.0) etc) simulate a broken semaphores (wasn’t my intention to do this! Just happened by mistake!) and all AI traffic stop later on red light, which it’s like in real life with “speed drivers”:)… Personally, I like it more like this, because, in cities (with your mod activate), you’ll find very often in jam traffic situations. Of course, for me, with an empty car (no trailer and sometimes, even with trailer) it’s a little bit easy to avoid or escape from those situations without hit my car. I’m sure it’s harder for you guys, to escape from that with a truck, especially with trailer attached. But, if you like hard conditions to drive, this is also a method to make it harder (also, you can modify the “”, last values, to have more rain / snow; if you don’t know how, ask me and I’ll be glad to tell you).

  6. sunnoco says:

    Thank you Swagger for your kind words and compliments. Also, you have a great idea, Swagger! Congratulations for your wonderful idea and I can’t wait to see your project! Because I still have an old laptop (which wasn’t made for games) and I have no patience with it, I never tried to make an animated model in Blender. This involve much much work and time. I tried to add animations to my AI mods, using the default ETS2 animations from movers, but was a failure! So, I’ll keep my cross fingers, Swagger, and I’ll hope you’ll succeed! That’s why I customized that Jeep Grand Cherokee ST8 (great car and mod, btw!), because I always like to have a girl near me when I drive!:D… Same in real life!:)… And if I’m alone I listen a lot of music, because, as you said, also it’s too boring for me to drive, even if I like it so much to drive!… Btw, in real life, German psychologists discovered, that “slow” music it’s proper for cities (to avoid pushing too much of the gas pedal!:) ) and “fast” music it’s for country roads (to avoid sleep!) ;)…
    And I see you like also to drive a car!:)… Then, I think, you’ll like my customize Jeep!;)… I’ll just finished to answer to all about their mods and now I’ll go to record my video and post it on You Tube (after I’ll make an account and figure how to post a video on you tube, of course, because I never did this; but I’ll figure out and tonight I’ll post it my link here)… You’ll see in my video my customize jeep.;)… Unfortunately, as I said before, I can’t share it my mods with you guys till SCS won’t give me their permission. But, I think they must give me permission, because, as I said before, for sharing in public, all my mods will have only ETS2 files inside or made by myself! So, like this, SCS or me will have no issues with copyright law!;)… Also, even with SCS permission, I can’t share with you my customized Jeep, till their creators don’t give me their permission (I think, first creator of this wonderful car it’s Roadhunter, but I’m not sure). Maybe after my video, they’ll write me here.
    Once again, thank you for your compliments, Swagger, and good luck with your project, because it’s a very interesting idea!

  7. sunnoco says:

    Finally I finished to upload my videos on You Tube (there are 5 videos demo -10 min each – with my ETS 2 mods prepared for share in public). Took me much longer than I expected (and I was happy when I saw I don’t need any You Tube account, because I could yous my gmail account!:)…). I tried to catch in my demo videos all of them but I couldn’t. Sorry for poor quality, as I already said there, it’s too much for my old laptop to record and play in the same time.
    My You Tube Playlist with my mods prepared for share in public (if SCS will allow me, of course!) is:

    And my list with my mods and a short description for some of them, is:
    Most of them are made along time ago (almost 2 years) and just adapt to suit on 1.18. I don’t have time and patience to make them “pretty”. Also, most of my AI mods are with wrong or without shadows, because I don’t gave any importance to shadows, because I can’t see any shadow on low settings in game. Sorry for this.
    List of my ETS 2 mods for share in public (if SCS will give me their permission, of course! For my personal use, most of them look like in real life. So, you can change “.dds” files with desire ones!;)… ) :

    1.Cart Just Married (tfv).scs;
    2.Police Motorbike (tfv).scs;
    3.Cement vehicle cat cb 434 (tfv).scs;
    4.Cat d7hl (tfv).scs;
    5.Cat d7hl 2 (tfv).scs;
    6.Cat Giant (tfv).scs;
    7.Excavator (tfv).scs;
    8.Cement vehicle cat cb434 with worker (tfv).scs;
    9.Taxi 3 (tfv).scs;
    10.Taxi 4 (tfv).scs;
    11.Forklift Empty (tfv).scs;
    12.Forklift with Car Damaged (tfv).scs;
    13.Forklift with Cargo (tfv).scs;
    14.Gardbage Truck 1 (tfv).scs;
    15.Gardbage Truck 2 (tfv).scs;
    16.Horse Policeman 1 (tfv).scs;
    17.Log Grabber (tfv).scs;
    18.Taxi 1 (tfv).scs;
    19.Taxi 2 (tfv).scs;
    20.Tractor with haystack (tfv).scs;
    21.Tractor (tfv).scs;
    22.Tractor with gri buldoser (tfv).scs;
    23.Tractor with yellow buldoser (tfv).scs;
    24.Happy men (tfv).scs;
    25.Runners (tfv).scs;
    26.AutoService (tfv).scs;
    27.Street Cleaners (tfv).scs;
    28.Country Cart with NEW WOODS (tfv).scs;
    29.Country Cart with Watermelons (tfv).scs;
    30.Country Cart with Woods (tfv).scs;
    31.Country Cart with Haystack (tfv).scs;
    32.Goose (tfv).scs;
    33.Sheeps with sheepherd and dogs (tfv).scs;
    34.Chickens (tfv).scs;
    35.Cows with cowherd (tfv).scs;
    36.Horses (tfv).scs;
    37.Motorbike Scuter (tfv).scs;
    38.Motorbike Scuter and passenger (tfv).scs;
    39.Cyclist 1single city (tfv).scs;
    40.Cyclist 2speed bike city (tfv).scs;
    41.Cylists 1manycity (tfv).scs;
    42.WINTER Excavator (tfv).scs;
    43.My New Trailer World Aquarium.scs;
    44.My New Trailer Aquarium.scs;
    45.My New Trailer Advertising.scs;
    46.New Canal with Collision for CARS (tfv).scs;
    47.New Crash Barrier Reflectorizant RED WHITE default ETS2 (tfv).scs;
    48.New DEAD End SIGN EN (OPEN ROAD) with SIGN WORKER (tfv).scs;
    49.New Direction Blocker EN (OPEN ROAD) with SIGN and WORKER (tfv).scs;
    50.New Funny Police Messages (tfv).scs;
    51.New Icon Ro and Yellow (tfv).scs;
    52.New invisible wall (tfv).scs;
    53.New Kerb Red White (tfv).scs;
    54.New Kerb Sidewalk Red White (tfv).scs;
    55.Closed_road_sign (tfv).scs;
    56.New Sign for GasGarageCompanyService etc MEN and WOMEN (tfv).scs;
    57.New Sound WARNING Female Voice Pop up Info (tfv).scs;
    58.New Traffic Light City default ETS2(tfv).scs.

    Many of AI traffic you’ll find on Romania country roads (carts, animals etc) and it’s so hard to see them and hit them if you don’t drive carefully! Especially during the night!;)… Also, my animated trailers are all standalone and also have different video (.ogv) files, even if in video presentation are all the same. You can add your desire video files with exotic aquariums or pictures / videos with your beloved family / you / movie trailers / music videos etc. If SCS will allow me to share in public my mods, I’ll show you in a video tutorial how to do this. Isn’t hard at all!… And even if in my mods you’ll need to change the “.dds” files or “.ogv” files with desire ones, take a good part of it: you’ll personalize as much as you like and also you’ll learn how to do this. And for those who already know, it’s just a little practice!;)…
    Also, if you’ll enable them and keep Thalken’s mods, Jazzycat mods etc activated also, you’ll find very often in hard traffic situations, like in real life!;)… But, in driving, like in sport, it’s always true the quote:”train hard at training to be easy in competition!”;)…

    Good luck and take care guys.

  8. Thalken says:

    It’s great work Sunnoco, i was watched your video, i like your idea,about my project then like Swagger says both of us will make this project in next month and i will undertake 80% project remaining is Swagger :D.

    • sunnoco says:

      Thank you Thalken for your compliments. My mods are not so pretty, because most of them I made it along time ago. As I said before, I started to learn how to do mods only to customize this game after my personal taste and bring it much closer to real life. Never forget the Latin quote:”De gustibus non est disputandum!” (in english mean: “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes!”) ;)…
      Also, I didn’t bother too much last night to catch all details of my mods, because I was too tired and also, if SCS won’t give me their written permission, it’s useless to make a detailed video. And, as I said before, I couldn’t find any SCS statement (on their official site / blog / forum) with permission to share our mods in public domain. In my profession I can not afford to share anything without written consent from author (owner). Sorry for this guys.
      Anyway, enough about my mods! Let’s talk about yours with Swagger. So, if I understood correctly, you’ll make a mod with animations inside, Thalken? Very interesting idea, Thalken and Swagger! Congratulations to both of you! Do you’ll make your project in Blender or Zmodeler?

      • Thalken says:

        Yeah, that’s a problem i’m still hesitance because i don’t know should use Blender or Zmodeler is the best. For your opinion Sunnoco???

        • sunnoco says:

          Hi Thalken. You have 2 options (depend what you want to do in your future projects):
          1. Blender:

          – it’s free;
          – it’s easy to learn and use (basic features to make your own models or modify SCS models by your own taste);
          – also you have for free scs blender tools;
          – to import and export models you’ll need 50keda’s (Simon Lušenc) free tool: scs2blender last version:

          On his site, you’ll find also 10 video tutorials about how to use his tool! 😉
          – it’s still a little bit complicated to import / edit / export animated models for ETS 2 (and now, when 50keda it’s an official employee of SCS Software, I don’t think he’ll have time to upgrade his great tool for blender and ETS2) and I don’t think you can make them from scratch, for ETS2! You’ll need to use the existing one from ETS 2 and you’ll “allow” just to modify it!;)… For more info about animated models just watch the last video tutorial from 50keda’s site from above.
          – you still can’t edit “.pdd” files (for prefab) in blender! So, you cannot customize existing ETS2 prefabs -“.ppd” files – or make your own “.ppd” from scratch!;)…


          – it’s much suitable for ETS 2 to import / edit / export animated models in Zmodeler 3;
          – you can edit or make from scratch “.ppd” files (for prefabs) by your own taste and desire, which it’s very useful if you’ll want in the future to make your own map and have your personalized prefabs for AI traffic! For instance, you can make a “city” prefab / cross for 3 or 4 lanes etc!);
          – his creator it’s very responsive at customers feedback / answers.
          – it’s not free (you must pay a fee / month / 12 month / 24 month for license, if I’ll remember correct, but you can use the TRIAL version for 14 days);
          – it’s a little bit more complicate then blender (or at least, for me) to use / learn.

          So, Thalken, for short: if you’ll never intend to make complicated animated models or your own desire prefab for your map, then, I’ll recommend you to use Blender, because it’s free and much easier to learn and use for ETS2. Of course, it’s not a bad idea to try also Trial version of Zmodeler 3. Maybe you’ll find this one much suitable for your than Blender.
          Good luck with your projects and take care Thalken.

  9. Nhocsocksd says:

    Thanks you Thalken,i will test your new mod 😀

  10. Thalken says:

    Sorry people because some guys stole my copyright then my link download has some trouble,i were fix 😀

  11. sam john says:

    if you have time ,please create this one my request

    • Thalken says:

      This is road line of US John ??? because now i has too much project pending. Then if i has free time of course i will make it for you and for everybody 😀

    • Thalken says:

      Little gift for you 😀 i just test a little bit about your request,hope you like it

    • sunnoco says:

      It’s also easy to do this by yourself, John!;)… Just enter in def/world/ road_look.sii file and there just change on each road or only on your desire ones, the following numbers from:
      center_line_left_style: 3
      center_line_right_style: 3
      inner_line_style: 0
      outer_line_style: 1
      with, for instance (if I’ll remember correct, 2 it’s for yellow line):
      center_line_left_style: 2
      center_line_right_style: 2
      inner_line_style: 0
      outer_line_style: 1
      Here, if you’ll play with these numbers, between 0 and 3, to each or only one / few line(s) from above, you’ll have the following combinations: from no line (if you’ll use zero for all lines from above) to single / double / continuous /break / mixed lines and combinations between white and yellow lines: only white / only yellow / or mixed colors of lines!;)..
      Like this, you’ll make your own mod by your own taste, John!;)… Also read my comments from Multiple AI traffic made by Thalken and if you’ll combine his mod with my comments from there, you’ll make your AI traffic more aggressive and undisciplined, like in real life!;)… Of course, this it’s just an idea!;)…

      • Thalken says:

        Thanks you Sunoco, about your advice maybe i will use Zmodeler 😀 about road line color we have 2 ways, one is Sunnoco tutorial in upper, Ways two very easy open material/road and edit colour in dds files 😀

        P/s: Sunnoco, i still has another question about traffic light,i don’t understand why when i change value of Dynamic files “false” to “true” of Semaphore.model. My traffic light flying up although i not bump into it. @@

        • sunnoco says:

          Your welcome Thalken. Great choice (Zmodeler)! If you’ll learn how to make “.ppd” (for prefabs), then we’ll talk more. It’s very useful for AI traffic!, especially for big cities, where only 2 lanes are not enough for big boulevards! ;)…
          And same for flying traffic lights. I think it’s something that you’ll need to fix in “.ppd”, not only in “def” file. ;)… When I made this mod (along time ago) I thought they fly because of my poor laptop performance, but now I see that has nothing to do with it, unfortunately.:(… Was a great feature to have it in game (much realistic). So, it’s definitely something from game programing or from “ppd”, Thalken…

  12. sevquis says:

    Can’t say this is a great physics mod as the cabin rocks wildly back and forth under acceleration or braking and when going over bumps. Highly unrealistic in that sense.

  13. Thalken says:

    Yep,thanks you Sunnoco about advice and i has upload new mod 😀 maybe some people very like this mod 😀

  14. sunnoco says:

    Your very welcome, Thalken and thank you for link. Keep up the great and hard work, Thalken.

    • Thalken says:

      My pleasure. I have some good news about patch, Multiple Al Traffic v1.2,Trailers Pack v1.2,Traffic Light 1.0 was done,maybe i will upload in start of next month.

      Have a nice day all my bro.

      • sunnoco says:

        Excellent news and job, Thalken! I can’t wait to see the new features in your new mods. Good luck and keep up the great and hard work! Please, announce me if you’ll succeed to learn how to do “.ppd” files in Zmodeller 3. ;)…
        I wish to all of you to have a great weekend, guys. Take care and… drive safe!;)…

  15. Ficfic says:

    Excellent job

  16. paolo says:

    I like the physics part of this, but I do not like that with my Scania and Actros the cab becomes a bouncy castle, especially when it brakes; the cabin swings wildly side-to-side when I navigate a bendy backroad.

    That is my only complaint. Otherwise it is realistic! I am just alarmed at how much the cabin dips and moves at turns.

    Thank you!

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