Real Semaphore Light and Moderate Traffic v.1.0

Real Semaphore Light and Moderate Traffic

The MOD brings a time system of the lights of the actual game traffic lights, plus a moderate traffic (with more trucks and cars) but not overly so.

. The time to follow signal (GREEN) is now (30 seconds);
. The signaling time for attention (YELLOW) is now (2 seconds);
. The time to stop signaling (RED) is now (40 seconds);

Also removed was the YELLOW signal ranging between red and green, leaving only the YELLOW warning signal between green and red.

The time to sleep time lights changed to (between 00: 30h to 03: 30h).

* The MOD has been tested and there is no traffic light timing issue in track crossings within the game.

There was increased transit vehicles and trucks moderately, may be occurring traffic in some cities but not overly so.

Have a good time!

Tested in version 1.18.x game

Authors: RMSTUTS and ASO


7 thoughts on “Real Semaphore Light and Moderate Traffic v.1.0

  1. Jofirekiller

    Hello ! I just test your mod and the Yellow signal between red and green is still here. (I test in Cambridge). What’s wrong ?

  2. Very bad solution. In addition, not by international regulations on traffic.

  3. Jofirekiller,

    It should not happen! Do you have any other MOD which changes traffic lights?

    The lights of the time is correct?

    1. Jofirekiller

      I only have custom trailers mod and ai traffic pack (truck traffic pack, painted truck, etc.)
      I’ll test again later in an other city…

  4. Dado-J,

    You do not need to use if you do not want!

    In addition, each country has its own regulation.

  5. Jofirekiller

    I tested again the mod.
    There is still yellow light only in GB (tested in Southampton and Cambridge). That’s works in other country. There is more cars everywhere.

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