Real Snowfall by OptionalJoystick for Winter Mods ETS2 1.43x

Hello this mod gives much more realistic snow fleets. Furthersome i also changed the wheel particle spray. This Mod is tested with the newest Winter Mod v1.6.1 By Black Dragon (1.43.x) and it’s also working on newest Frosty mod. Simple add the zip file to your ETS2 Mod Directory, activate it and put it on higher priority than the weather mods.

Note: You can do whatever you want with the Mod File.



14 thoughts on “Real Snowfall by OptionalJoystick for Winter Mods ETS2 1.43x

  1. Hello! Compatible with previously versions of game?

    1. optionaljoystick

      Try it. I don’t know in which update the rain on glass is now defined in interior_glass.sii instead of game_data.sii. the first version of my mod was on 1.26x so i don’t know exactly which version of ets2 changed that.

      1. Thank you for all these explanations and these details. Bravo for your work. I will be testing all of this on my Big Combo (v1.39) later this month. Is there a way to contact you, other than through this post which unfortunately will be drowned out by others, to keep you informed of the results, and to help those who, like thousands of us (creators and players), have chosen to boycott any later versions ruined by SCS Software?

    2. optionaljoystick

      I am not sure if this is working on ats2

  2. optionaljoystick

    I don’t know exactly. It could.

    i’ve also noticed that with frostys mod, the wheel particle looks much more better than my version. if you don’t like the wheel particle effect of the mod, open the mod zip file go to \unit\hookup\vehicle and delete the wheel_particle_rain.sii. the version of frostys mod looks better.

    1. Thank you for that answer.
      So I’ll do the tests a little later. At first glance, your mod increases the persistence of snowflakes on glass surfaces, and that’s what interests me. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Another question: is this mod usable on American Truck Simulator?

      1. optionaljoystick

        I didn’t tried it but it should work theorethically.

      2. optionaljoystick

        In the interior_glass.sii config file there is a definition which is named, min_lifetime, max_liftetime or so, so a raised this two values. Furthermore i modified, initial_splash_scale and splash_duration entry. Blur and distortion or so entry make the snow look brighter or darker in relation to night and day condition. Somewhat i have to keep them both at same value and raise both values to make it look brighter on glass or lower.until they are looking like black flakes at day.

  3. ItalianoGT

    And why can’t you see the snow outside ๐Ÿค”

    1. optionaljoystick

      Because i didn’t find in the ets2 definition files a value where the falling rate of the rain stripes is defined, and in all other winter mods the snow falls way to fast of beeing realistically, thats why i make the rain stripes simply transparent, because it’s bothering seeing it falling down so fast.

  4. How to install? You did not pack the .scs file into the formal

  5. And could you do 1.45x? Real Snowfall by OptionalJoystick for Winter Mods ETS2

  6. BlueBrotherJordan

    is het mogelijk om dit weer op de laatste versie te spelen ?

    1. BlueBrotherJordan

      want ik probeer een sneeuw mod maar mijn spel sluit de hele tijd maar ik wil eens in de sneeuw rijden eens kijken hoe goed jullie het maken ๐Ÿ™‚

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