Real Snowfall Mod for Wintermods for 1.25 and above


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This is my Snowfall Mod for Wintermods like the Frosty Winter Mod.
This Mod is tested on 1.25x, i think it is also compatible for 1.26,
however i have not tested it yet.

The Key Features are:

– Of course Snowfall
– Removed Rainstripes
– “Auto Blink off” is set to 20% of Steering Wheel Range instead of
– Changed Behavour of the Snowfleets, (longer Lifetime, Slow Moving,
no Splash Effect, Almost no deformation of the fleets)



Demonstration Video:

24 thoughts on “Real Snowfall Mod for Wintermods for 1.25 and above

  1. HD Test 1.26

  2. I think, that you make something new, but you take my snowfall mod, and make little update 😀

    1. OptionalJoystick

      yes the original version was from you piva, thank you. For this Mod i changed, the Rainstripes (maked it alphatransparent), the wheel particles and snow fleet behaviours and the look of the fleets.

      1. OptionalJoystick

        the behaviour of the snow can be found in the game_data.sii

        1. You can set me in credits, No more else.

          1. OptionalJoystick

            I have just uploaded a new Modversion. You will be credited from now on.

  3. Work all map? (TSM?) 🙂

    1. OptionalJoystick

      I don’t see why not, if tsm has patched their map to 1.26. What can i say that the winter mods that changed the road textures, grass, trees etc. doesn’t work anymore- Frosty Winter Mod and Winter is coming sadly.

  4. raton_navarrant


    1. OptionalJoystick

      i have thinked about it, but i’m not sure if there is a behaviour definition of the rain stripes somewhere in the .def files.

  5. pantelos43

    its super,but not for 1.26,only 1.25

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      It’s easy to fix.
      Open the SCS -> Manifest with XML Editor
      & delete “Compitable Version 1.25”

  6. nothing has changed and the mod works on ver 1.26.1

    1. pantelos43

      I play a simple map of eurotruck,and only with your own mod,with new profiles and again not the plays.What else can I do?

      1. OptionalJoystick


        i have now tested it too on 1.26, with a new profile without any mods exept my snowfall mod. it is working, you don’t have to delete anything in the manifest in order to get in working. The Problem is that the Winter Mods and other Mods which you might using doesn’t work anymore, they have to be updated, too.

        1. OptionalJoystick

          Here is a video that proofs that it’s working on 1.26 too.

  7. i have frosty winter mod.. but this mod has not working… to make any changes in my settings?? am using v1.25.
    please help me…

    1. OptionalJoystick

      Change the priority Order of the Mods and put Real Snowfall above the frosty winter mod, like this

  8. RedDragonMK

    The mod is very good, i love the new snowflakes, but my opinion is that the mod is still useless, only because it is too ridiculous to have the snowflakes on the windshield, and don’t have the snow snowing outside … Also, i have noticed that there is a lightnings *from the 2nd video…. Is there any chance to make the main rain look different, lets say, somehow to replace the rain stripes with smaller but fatter drops ???

    1. OptionalJoystick

      The problem is that the rain stripes are falling too fast and i can’t find a solution to slow down the falling speed. If you put snow fleets instead of rain they will fall too fast and will look unrealistic. That’s why i decided to remove them completely until i find a solution.

      I recommend using this Winter Enviroment Mod. Use this if you are on Version 1.25 of ETS2
      This Mod also disables the Thunder and Lightning

      !.26x users have to wait until Frosty Winter or other Winter Enviroment Mods are updated to support 1.26

    2. OptionalJoystick

      The problem is the falling speed of the rain, if i make snow fleets they will fall too fast and will look unrealistic, thats why i decided to remove the rainstripes completely until i find a solution to slow down the falling speed.

      For ets2 1.25 users I recommend this Winter Enviroment Mod
      It also disables thunder and lightning

      1.26 users have to wait until the winter mods are adapted to this version of the game.

      1. RedDragonMK

        Yes i understand you … how about making the rainstripes more white and fatter, to look like icerain a bit, i think it will be much realistic for now than without anything

  9. 4 saisons

    pourquoi crées un mod juste avec de la neige et pas un mod avec les quatre saisons ?

    le jeu ets2 et déjà pas mal mais il faudrait un peu réfléchir et crée le mod plus réaliste avec toutes saisons lol

  10. What is the name of this car on the picture ??

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