Real Snowfall v 2.0 for Wintermods ETS2 1.25 and above


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– Increased/doubled Snow particles count on wheels

The Key Features are:

– Snowfleets
– Removed Rainstripes
– “Auto Blink off” is set to 20% of Steering Wheel Range instead
– Changed Behavour of the Snowfleets, (longer Lifetime, Slow
no Splash Effect, Almost no deformation of the fleets)
– Snow particles on wheels

Note: For ETS2 1.25x users I recommend Frosty Winter Mod
ETS2 1.26x users have to wait for updated Wintermods

This Version of Real Snowfall for Wintermods is tested on 1.25 and
1.26 of ETS2

P.S. I’m sorry for not crediting Piva for his work on his Snowfall
Mod: Real Snowfall for
Wintermods is based on his groundwork.

Thank you for your awesome work Piva!

OptionalJoystick, Piva


4 thoughts on “Real Snowfall v 2.0 for Wintermods ETS2 1.25 and above

  1. RedDragonMK

    The snow particles on wheels is too much … Snow fleets are excellent … is there any chance to replace the Rainstripes with snow ???

    1. RedDragonMK

      i know it is difficult to make the rain look like snow, cuz the rain is falling too fast, but how about making the rain a bit whiter and fatter, that way it will look like ice-rain, till you find a solution for replacing it with slow snow …

  2. wait… please can you make:snow on cars, on trucks, on streets? pleaaase

  3. Thanks for seeing comment!

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