Real Sound Scania R, G DC12 420 EEV E5 Engine voice records v 1.5

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Real sound Scania R,G, for Scanias Scs and Rjl RS ,T

Update V 1.5 Increased sound volume, a fixed “Engine brake” And small corrections.Added support for Scania T RJL


Proffessional quality recording

100% Audio recorded by me

Recorded exterior and interior sound

152 audio files Involved

Fully autonomous sounds

Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox, pneumatic, valves dryers, and electro-pneumatic signal and more other sounds..

Only 1.27 +

Vasily EVR, Engine voice records


7 thoughts on “Real Sound Scania R, G DC12 420 EEV E5 Engine voice records v 1.5

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. Nice sound!

  3. Can you make V8 open pipe sound with good crackle?
    P.s. Kriechbaum made two nice sound but his crackle realy don’t perfect 😉
    Good luck and thanks…

  4. i want volvo 2012 real sound…

    1. RudeTrucker

      Hinako I want to be a millionaire…

  5. Really good job! Good luck on future mods!

  6. ChrisTrucker

    could you make R500 Sound Please

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