Real time and distance for Promods v 1.0

This mod change time and distance displayed in-game to real.

Example: normally you drive 19km and game show you 19 min to arrive. Because ETS2 map is made in 1:19 scale, distance and time are x19 times faster than real. This mod shows you real distance and time to arrive. According to example: game will show you 1km and 1 min to arrive.

Compatible with 1.37 and 1.38. Also should work on previous versions (not tested)

Work on Promods map only! Compatible with “Promods combo maps” like: Poland Rebuilding, Rusmap, Southern Region and much more…
There is also a version for default SCS map

Autor: Adison Cavani

Adison Cavani


5 thoughts on “Real time and distance for Promods v 1.0

  1. Hello! Would it be possible to adapt your mod on American Truck Simulator, in a combo version of maps?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. AdisonCavani

      Hi. Yes, it’s possible. You have to open map editor, and change map scale to 1:1 from 1:19. Save map, and copy ONLY usa.mbd to your mod. This’ll make real time and distance, but map’ll dissapear. To fix this, edit file “map_data.sii” and change “ui_map_size” to be 19 times smaller than orginal. I don’t have got ATS, so I can’t do this.

      1. Thank you very much for these answers. Should I open the editor with the entire map combo, or only with basic SCS content? For information, I use 13 maps (including mine) simultaneously.

        1. AdisonCavani

          It doesn’t matter.

  2. Is there some possibility to make this visualizing the entite map? I using world map combo buy I can’t sera the most of them with this mod

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