Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel Pack v 3.2


Version 3.2:
* Fixed reflection problem

Authors: 50keda, Ventyres, galimim


11 thoughts on “Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel Pack v 3.2

  1. My game seem to crash everytime i try to choose the rims. Dose it need a partical load order or?
    Also got the 50keda wheel pack loaded.

    1. Have you upgraded game to ver 1.22?

      1. Jup, got the steam version so the game is always in the newest version.

        1. Copy paste from 3.1 comments

          This is also 1.22 from steam..
          I tried above below between top bottom with and without other mods, so if we could please have a description file with some information on what is missing and/or how to install the product.
          I only get squares in the selector box when choosing tires so it seems like your scs is asking for a specific product.

          Props for the effort though, keep up the good work.

          1. Thats the exact problem i’m having, no other tire mods installed.

  2. Swedish-Warrior

    A question in the folder are 3 SCS files
    where is now the difference between:
    -Real_Tires_for_50k_GY ?

    1. It should be a text file, with the mod that explains it.

      GY = Good Year tires.
      BCMPY = Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama.
      Full = All the above

  3. My game version, and this mod not work ! :-(((

  4. zmodking99

    Its not workin here ether

  5. v1.22.2.3 doesn’t work!

  6. All the Wheels working fine at all the Rims of 50k’s Wheelspack and Gameversion from Steam! Thanks for that great work.

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