Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack v3.5


Version 3.5:
*Added new tires/skins
*Winter tires pack created

50keda, Ventyres, galimim


6 thoughts on “Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack v3.5

  1. for me,it doesn`t work….

  2. RetroSpectre

    Does this need to be used with the original 50K pack as well from the 50keda? Because they don’t show up without it You should make a load order photo.

    1. RetroSpectre

      Everything shows up with 50Keda’s oringal mod on top of yours but the new tires models don’t show up. Firelli. Yokohama tires still appear as Good year tires or whatever. Are we supposed to only choose one at a time?

  3. rolfus070

    it doesn’t work :'(

  4. my game stop when I click on the rim.

  5. Tires look great but I’m still getting stuck on the same stretch of snow road, got any chains ?

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