Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.30.b by Cip

adaptation to game version 1.30 (renamed also mod versioning which now follows game versions plus letters a, b, c, … etc whch are the mod versions)
changelog v1.30.b:
-fixed speed limit on route advisor when displaying speed limit for trucks
-increased safety and patience factors which makes more drivers turning on lights on bad weather

questions and discussions about the mod here:



8 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.30.b by Cip

  1. Rockeropasiempre

    First congratulations for your work Cipinho. To continue, I really liked your work, yesterday I downloaded it from scssoft and I was testing it. You know that I also make a mod for traffic and I like to see the behavior of yours. I like that you have put them soooo fast hahahaha. But if you admit a tip, I was testing the 2 mods, yours and mine, observing the behavior of the graph with camera 0. From up on a toll road, your mod generating traffic was about 63 FPS, then I tried with my mod that generates traffic but more slowly than yours, and the graph yielded at 128 FPS. What do I want to tell you with this? Well, people who do not have a good graphics card, will have problems if so much traffic is generated. That’s why the mod, I do it generating slower traffic, so that users with less powerful equipment can also enjoy the mod.
    On the other hand, my friend, I am not able to make the tractor and the harvester appear in traffic. I want them to appear anywhere on the map, not only in France, and there is no way. I already looked at your files a bit to see if they gave any idea.
    Finally Cipinho, I still use your colors (cars.colors), but I eliminated the pink ones, they looked like the cars of Kem and barbie jajaja.

    Greetings and congratulations.

    1. Can you write how to eliminate the pink color cars?

    2. thanks buddy! a traffic density consumes more fps is true! however 63 is absolutely enough. I actually locked my card at 40 fps which is just fine and my GPU don’t get crazy! I use maximum settings and everything is just fine with let’s say above average PC but not the best.
      I always consider limiting fps consumption as much as possible, and is not the speed of the Ai vehicles is their number who influences the PC performance 😉
      regards and Merry Christmas!

  2. Finally? Your traffic mods are the best for me. Thank you for your great work Ci pinhole.

    1. Cipinho of course, I’m sorry for my keyboard ?

  3. i am using jazzycat bus traffic but i can’t see the bus.. even i modifed the script with spawn ration..


    Is this compatible with Hungary Map? Thanks.

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