Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.32.c by Cip

Changelog v1.32.c:
-integrated traffic files for motorcycles, classic and sport cars as separate vehicles
-integrated doubles files by Mr Larrington (traffic density mod must have higher priority)
-integrated files for Alin’s tractor, priority is not important
-updated files for police with beacon mod (police with beacon are a separate optional mod)
-increased speed limit for sport, emergency and motorcycles (works only if used as separate types of vehicles)
-new traffic rules to increase traffic density
-tweaked spawn of slow vehicles, emergency and on dirt roads
it works with any map with the mention that for Hungary map an addon is necessary (available here and on scs forum).
if you want to make use of the separate types of vehicles please have a read here

Cipinho, Todor Alin


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6 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.32.c by Cip

  1. this mod add emergency vehicle in traffic like ambulance or fire truck ingame?

    1. yes it does and it’s recommended to use also other packs for emergency vehicles to create more diversity

  2. Do it works with Jazzycat AI Traffic pack?

    1. of course it’s highly recommended to increase the diversity given by the increased density. other ai packs are welcome!.
      be aware that traffic density received an important update (fond on this website as well as on scs forum)

  3. Jessica Cuco

    This mod sucks. You only have realistic density in the opposite direction. There’s never a single semi truck in front of me, only a few cars, for some reason the traffic accumulates all behind me. If I stop by the side of the road, a huge line of trucks will pass…but it’s useless because soon there after once again there isn’t a single car in sight.

    1. maybe you should drive faster… check this video by Mr.German.truck:

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