Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.32.d

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changelog v1.32.d:
-fixed spawn of slow, police and emergency vehicle that were too much due to a scs limitation
-improved compatibility with ProMods, the use of the Addon is still recommended but only optional

video review from Mr.German.Truck
addon for ProMods: (fixed speed limit bug)
addon for Hungary map (you need this only for playing on Hungary map)
place the addon above the main traffic density mod only when playing Promods, respectively Hungary map

Cipinho, Todor Alin


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8 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.32.d

  1. ItalianoGT

    Hi, I get an error about the tractor’s sound? What’s going on?

    1. something went wrong on the description, check scs forum on my thread and you find everything there

  2. Hello Cipinho! Your mod adapted for American Truck Simulator?

    1. yes, just check scs forum or or even steam 😉

  3. Hi. Your mod used to be great, but the latest versions are bad. You find tractors all over, even in city centre of metropols like Paris and Berlin and on 6 lane highways.
    Please releace an add-on that removes tractors

    1. you are sure you use version d not c? anyway the solution is to open def/vehicle/ai and modify spawn_ratio values where you add 0.0

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