Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.35.b

Changelog v1.35.b:
-mod updated officially to ETS2 open 1.35
-added few safety rules to reduce accidents
-completely changed traffic spawn to eliminate possible crash due to spawn_bias rule
-added support for doubles (will be available for the upcoming updates by Mr Larrington)
-added support for bdf as separate trucks (will be available for the upcoming sounds update for Ai truck pack by jazzycat)



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8 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.35.b

  1. Ananta Wicaksono

    Finally You Update It

    1. you are welcome, Steam version was actually updated 2 days ago 😉

  2. Hallo Cipinho wie immer eine Fantastische Arbeit .
    Ich habe da mal eine bitte, Ich möchte deine mod in mein Map Projekt Road to ROS mit einbauen da ich sie schon sehr sehr lange nutze. Sie passt einfach zu Russland so Extreme gut.
    MFG Frank aus Bremen

  3. Games crash !

  4. Crash

  5. go to scs forum and post there any issues you my have. my mod don;t crash the game directly but it might with a lot of traffic packs enabled, still need to investigate this and report to scs if necessary

  6. Hello this mod is compatible with ALL Jazzycat?

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