Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.35.e

Changelog v1.35.e:
-reduced slow vehicles to minimum on normal roads
-increased slow on country roads
-reduced overall max_count for Ai vehicles (density not affected)

this update shall make better use of the slow vehicles, there should be seen very rarely now on the roads, and more on those country roads not open for traffic . the max_count reduction could help with keeping relatively low traffic count and therefore lower size in RAM. still density is not affected

read more about this mod on scs forum:



5 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.35.e

  1. The best mod ai traffic ever
    Perfect for EAA MAP
    From Brazil Thank You

  2. Ananta Wicaksono

    Thanks “CIP” For The BEST Update
    Download Now !

  3. Game crash.

  4. I have a lot of this errors
    [traffic_rule] Error initializing traffic rule from data (s_truck_d_l)
    I tested it with all traffic mods enabled and without your real trafic density and after remove this mod it works fine. Idk maybe some bug

  5. Dennis_GER

    Mod causes Crash to desktop wit Jazzycat Traffic Packs with this error: License Plates were depleted
    I have tried five times with this Density, but everytime my game crash after few seconds.
    Without this Density it works perfect and i have noc errors.
    Please fix it

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