Real Traffic Density by Cip ETS2 1.37.a

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changelog v.1.37.a
-adaptation for game version 1.37
-sound settings removed, now managed in FMOD
-increased traffic at night time
-corrected speeds in rttbs DLC



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12 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density by Cip ETS2 1.37.a

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.37

  2. william markham

    this mod crashes hungary map by frank 007

  3. this mod crash

    1. I have the same problem….I think its not compartible with traffic jazzycat mods i use….Maybe im not sure

      1. Yes, its crashed with Jazzycats ai traffic

        1. excluded, I do not have traffic files model in this mod, check conflict with other packs, companies, gas stations, economy or other mods which may change vehicles

  4. not compartible with Mariomap

  5. CoolTrucker89

    Same here,crash for me too!!!….And they call themselves “modders”(?).Test your mods FIRST and then make them PUBLIC!!!

    1. really? Cooltrucker? my mod is the top traffic mod on Steam from all traffic density mods. I provide a professional work here appreciated by 75.000 Steam users.
      if the game crashes for you it means you have a mod conflict or you play in 1.38. even a poor PC will handle the traffic generated by my mod.

      1. CoolTrucker89

        A professional modder should reply:”I will investigate it” or something like that and not showing off.”Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory” Bruce Lee said.I really don’t care about the numbers you’re mentioning.No one cares about that.I really don’t care if your mod is first or last.I want good stable mods with no conflicts,that’s all.

        1. first of all I wasted 3 minutes of my life to reply to a rude comment in a polite way, for which a “professional modder” will not even bother. I have 1.000 traffic sounds to convert in FMOD and sorry I do not have time to do double work and investigate once again for each and every time somebody has a crash for other reasons.
          so next time make sure that the problem is not in your garden before being rude and also please read the instructions I provide on Steam and SCS forum. bye!

  6. NtsParadize

    Does it work with Jazzycat AI car pack?

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