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This is my traffic mod which I have built in many days of testing different parameters of the Ai traffic.
The foundation of this mod was possible thanks to Piva’s mod, Traffic Density from which I have kept those few parameters which I have not fully understood.
Thanks also to Frachti and Brainiac for having explained to me a few parameters.
My idea was to create a realistic traffic density per daytime and even more, by type of the road, especially to increase the traffic during the night on motorways, and keep it low on local roads, as we find naturally in Europe. To achieve this I had to calculate precisely and play with the following parameters:
– max_vehicle_count, essential for limiting the number of Ai vehicles and the license plates depleted warnings (still a bug that shall be corrected by SCS, however I have managed to reduce a lot the numbers)
– spawn_ratio and spawn_max_count to establish the proportion car/trucks/buses. Currently the proportion cars/trucks is 3:1 (can be easily modified to personal taste)
– spawn_daytime_rates, important to set the density per hours and even half hours on rush periods of the day.
– spawn_count_limit_modifier and spawn_frequency_modifier for each type of road; generally there are 10 times more vehicles on motorways (7 for expressways) than on the local roads very noticeable especially during the night
– semaphore_profile.sii, I adjusted some parameters to increase traffic fluidity in cities, essential for high traffic density.

The achievements of my mod are the following:
– very high density in the morning and afternoon, especially on motorways and expressways, but also in cities with frequent traffic jams (2 maximums at 8:30 and 16:30)
– generally high density on motorways the whole day and reasonable high during the night, with a minimum at 3 o’clock where still a significant number of vehicles can be spotted
– relatively high density during the day on local roads (1×1) and variable frequency that makes possible overtaking other vehicles;
– low and very low traffic density on local roads during the night
– Increased semaphore cycle on all crossroads except for 1X1 crossroads. Local crossroads have still reduced semaphore cycle due to the reduced number of vehicles
Other improvements:
– increased the duration of yellow after green to 3 seconds on all semaphores (essential to avoid fines)
– reduced the duration of yellow after red to 1 second (avoid fines if leaving too early)
– improved semaphore cycle on roadworks. The duration of red on both semaphores is now 12 seconds.
– fixed barrier semaphore on

How to install:
– place the attached scs file above Ai traffic mods and above all map mods in the load order

– tested on game version Tested also on ProMods, RusMap, Southern Region map and ROS.
– it is not working in Hungary map

– To apply compatibility with ProMods, my mod will overwrite the following sii files in ProMods def file:
• semaphore_profile.fld.sii
• traffic_lane_ProMods.
If you wish to keep the reduced ProMods semaphore cycle you can remove semaphore_profile.fld.sii and from def/world.
However for the correct working of my mod you should not delete traffic_lane_Promods (otherwise due to the high traffic density of my mod, you may not be able to overtake any vehicle on local roads, besides you will have too many vehicles on the local roads during the night.

Re-uploading this mod is only allowed by keeping the original link and credits.
Author: Cipinho
Acknowledgements: Piva, Frachti, Brainiac

Cipinho, Piva


18 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density v 1.0 by Cip

  1. Will it work with TSM map??

    1. if TSM map don’t use personalized traffic files (you can check the TSM def file), it should work

  2. HD Video Test 1.26…


    Thanks dude. Mod sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll try it out tonight. I really like mods adding more realism in the game.

    How do you get out of a traffic jam? Do you just wait in traffic until it clears? or do you have to squeeze out of the queue and drive other road?

    1. Ai traffic of SCS has the following issue:
      none of the existing traffic mods did not solve this. when this happens, it happens, you can either wait or you advance time with a few minutes by typing the command: g_set_time xx xx (hours minutes)

  4. crashe

    1. if your PC is not powerful enough it may happens to crash (your CPU need a lot of resources to load all the mods), my traffic mod works well on average PC (my PC is i7-4770 3,4 GHz and 8 Gb RAM). in my video I recorded the fps.
      I noticed a crash but only immediately when I activated my mod after I have tested another traffic mod (DB’s Creation)

      1. if still crash, you can unpack my mod, then extract game_data.sii from Piva’s mod, which is supposed to reduce some compatibility issues, and place it in my mod. then repack and play.
        I will release a traffic version for lower PCs and hopefully without license plates warnings at all.

  5. Hi Cipinho!
    Interesting option, definitely need to do a test))

  6. Perfect Job. That makes ETS2 much more real and you have to plan your Route so that you can drive in a Town out of the Rush Hour or you come later to your Destination.

  7. RedDragonMK

    How can i contact you Cipinho ?!?!?

      1. exactly 😉

  8. Very good job,work perfect!

  9. mmgarten75


  10. Is this compatible with Promods?

    1. if you read at least the final part of the description you will discover that is compatible with ProMods 😉

  11. ThatRandomGuy

    When I try and download the mod it says “No File”

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