Real Traffic Density v 3.0 by Cip

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v3.0 changelog:
– tweaked daytime values following an algorithm of Tresco
– added ai_avoid_speed rule which should make some cars driving faster than the speed limit
– added remove_distance rules with different values (smaller) for ProMods addon to keep reasonable fps on this demanding map
– removed few outdated rules
– Ai vehicles can overtake on single continuous line on local roads (remove world/road_look.sii if you dislike this rule)
– increased speed on expressways located on cities (70 km/h for cars and 60 km/h for buses)
– added rule max_limit with higher values on all types of vehicles (will not alterate country speed limits)
– included separate add-on for Ai traffic
Ai Traffic add-on for Real Traffic Density v3.0
– cloned SCS police cars with permanent beacon and sound – courtesy of Todor Alin, thanks for a great help and patience. the “on” police cars have sound only during the day and higher speed where there are no local speed limits (remove sound2.sii if you don’t want the sound); the country spawn is identical as the originals, few cars added in countries from other maps; originals police cars are not affected in any way by the “clones”
– car and trucks colours from my mod were included in this mod. if you edited that mod, keep it with higher priority than this addon otherwise that mod could be removed from the list
– increased speed and torque of SCS Ai traffic trucks
– increased speed of police cars
– increased/decreased speed of SCS Ai traffic cars for a better discrepancy in traffic
Important remark: in order to keep the original country speed limits, please note that Ai vehicles will only drive faster than the speed limit in certain conditions, game limitation
discussions here:
Author: Cipinho
Acknowledgments v3.0: SlavikSD, Todor Alin, Tresco



11 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density v 3.0 by Cip

  1. Than does it work with Promods?

    1. yes, it works in ProMods, but only if you use the ProMods addon placed above the main mod. if you use the Ai traffic addon which includes the “cloned” police cars you will get some apparently inoffensive errors in the gamelog.

  2. PolishDriverTruck
    1. I don’t know how but you messed up the ratio, there are no trucks in your video 🙂

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. Nice job!

  5. hallo…bitte ändern 120 auf autobahn auf 80-90..
    bitte so real wie möglich den mod machen danke

  6. Don’t work with ETS2 1.3 !

  7. I deleted the file “traffic_rules.rus.sii” from the folder “world” and everything is ok on ETS2 1.30 !
    Good job Cip !

  8. The trucks of Jazzycat will drive faster?

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